Education Office Overview

District 49's education office provides a wide range of support to zones, schools and individual classrooms across the district's portfolio of schools.

The mission of District 49, set by the Board of Education is: To prepare students, in a safe and caring environment, to be successful, competent and productive citizens in a global society.

Chief education officer Peter Hilts and the education office guide the programs that serve the execution of the mission on a daily basis. From safety and security, learning services and assessment to cultural capacity and communications, the "five big rocks" of the district's strategic plan play a critical role in leading every student in the district to success.

Strategic planning on a district level while maintaining the localized autonomy and leadership of the Falcon, POWER, Sand Creek and iConnect zones has reduced centralized administration since the district innovation plan was adopted in 2010. This plan has saved over $1 million since its inception by putting more of the traditional school district administration responsibilities into the individual building level, closer to the district's learners.
Peter Hilts
Chief Education Officer
Office: 719.495.1119
Barbara Seeley
CEO Executive Assistant
Office: 719.495.1119
Amber Whetstine
Learning Services Executive Director
Office: 719.494.8951 or 719.494.8955
Matt Meister
Communications Director
Office: 719.495.1151
Paul Andersen
Human Resources Director
Office: 719.495.1156
Jay Hahn
District Athletics Director
Office: 719.495.8907
Avelyn Green
Dean of Early Childhood Education
Office: 719.494.8841
Nancy Lemmond
Individualized Education Executive Director
Office: 719.494.8913
Mary Perez
Concurrent Enrollment Director
Office: 719.495.5533
Julia Roark
Falcon Zone Superintendent
Office: 719.495.5555
Sean Dorsey
Sand Creek Zone Superintendent
Office: 719.495.1175
Mike Pickering
POWER Zone Superintendent
Office: 719.494.8812
Andy Franko
iConnect Zone Superintendent
Office: 719.495.1100
Nikki Lester
Career and Technical Education Director
Office: 719.495.1149, ext. 2028
Kathlynn Jackson
Spec. Ed. Director
Office: 719.495.1116
Louis Fletcher
Culture and Services Director
Office: 719.495.1105