Return to Learn 2020 UPDATE

  • Patriot High School 

    Return to Learn Plan UPDATE 08/31/2020


    Patriot High School - Return to In-Person Plan (Fall 2020)


    In conjunction with the district-wide “return to in-person learning plan”, PHS will bring students back into the classroom gradually with the goal of full in-person classes for ALL students upon returning from Fall Break (10/26).  PLEASE NOTE: Students who chose the “online option” for the 1st semester will continue to NOT come to school and, instead, work exclusively online.  For students who did not choose that option, our timeline to return to regular classes breaks down like this:


    PHASE 1 (8/31-9/11) - Offering Afternoon ELO Appointments


    • We will continue to hold classes in the same manner that we have since the start of the school year (30-minute Zoom “live time” along with online assignments).
    • The ONLY in-person classes will continue to be the Culinary and Construction classes that currently meet on campus twice a week.
    • Students on IEPs will continue to have options to meet with their SPED teachers through an appointment basis.
    • NEW - Any students wishing to have some face-to-face tutoring (ELO) on campus with their teachers may do so in the afternoons from 12:30-3:00 by appointment only.  These appointments must be made with Principal Steve Gard ( and only 20 students may sign up per day on a first come, first served basis.
    • During this afternoon tutoring time, students must arrange their own transportation to and from school since regular bussing won’t be available.
    • During this afternoon tutoring time, students must be masked at ALL TIMES while in the building.  “Hall-roaming” or other off-task behavior will not be tolerated.  Any students refusing to follow these simple guidelines will be immediately asked to go home.
    • During tutoring time, no new lessons will be delivered by the teachers.  The teachers will, however, help them with any previous lessons that the student may be struggling with completing.  This is meant to be productive time to help struggling students pass their classes.


    PHASE 2 (9/14-10/9) - 50% In-Person Learning


    • Beginning on 9/14, PHS will abandon our current schedule and start teaching classes on the regular bell schedule Monday-Thursday ONLY.  This means no more 30-minute “Live Time” Zoom sessions and slight time changes to the current Construction and Culinary classes.
    • Lunch will be provided for students who are scheduled to be in the building that day.
    • Two additional custodial staff members will start on 9/11 to allow for a greater frequency of cleaning.
    • Students in “Cohort A” will consist of students with last names from A-L.  Students in “Cohort B” will consist of students with last names from M-Z.
    • EXCEPTION: Since both the Construction and Culinary classes have already been meeting as full groups, we will NOT be splitting these classes into two cohorts.  ALL students in these classes will be classified as follows:  
      • Culinary 1 will be in Cohort A
      • Culinary 2 & 3 will be in Cohort B
      • Construction 1 (morning group) will be in Cohort B
      • Construction 2 & Construction 1 (afternoon group) will be in Cohort A
      • Special emails will be sent to these students verifying this exception.
    • Cohort A will come to school every Monday and Wednesday where they will go to all of their classes to receive regular in-person instruction.
    • Cohort B will come to school every Tuesday and Thursday where they will go to all of their classes to receive regular in-person instruction.
    • For both cohorts, on days when they are not in the building (“online days”), teachers will still have assignments for them to do (posted on Google Classroom just as they currently are).
    • On their “online days”, students will still be expected to sign in to avoid being marked absent (just like we are currently doing).  These are NOT “days off”!
    • Circle Up will occur on Monday mornings at 7:50 for Cohort A and Tuesday mornings at 7:50 for Cohort B where students will receive announcements, recognition, and information for the week in the gymnasium (spaced 6’ apart around the perimeter of the gym floor).
    • All students will wear masks at ALL TIMES while in the building and any hallway or bathroom loitering is strictly prohibited.  Any students violating these expectations will be sent home for defiance.
    • With no classes on Fridays, Friday will be reserved solely for afternoon ELO time (as outlined in the previous section above).  Bussing will not be available on Fridays, so transportation must be pre-arranged and appointments are still required.
    • Friday advisory Zoom meetings will end because students will attend advisory as outlined in the regular bell schedule.
    • For students planning on riding the bus to and from school, parents should contact D49 transportation at (719) 495-1159 to verify the bus routes and whether your student will have a seat on the bus (due to limitations on the number of bus riders).


    PHASE 3 (After Fall Break starting 10/26) - 100% In-Person Learning


    • Cohorts will be dissolved and ALL students will return to in-person classes that follow the regular bell schedule Monday-Friday.
    • Masks, hand cleaning, and distancing rules will continue to be upheld with students being sent home and disciplined for refusing to follow these expectations.
    • With Friday classes now in session, afternoon ELO will revert back to how it was last year (1:35-3:05) and “Flex Fridays” will go into effect with tutoring and special clubs offered on those days.  (These days are listed on the bell schedule document linked above.)




    • All three phases of this plan are completely dependent on the continued recommendations from D49 leadership and the El Paso County Public Health department (EPCPH).  If conditions require that we revert back to e-learning, further communication will be provided.  (Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen!)
    • Parent meetings will be held via Zoom as much as possible to cut down on the amount of people in our building.  Please be willing to cooperate with this added safety measure.
    • Visitors are NOT allowed in the building unless scheduled for a specific appointment with a specific staff member.  Appointments must have a valid purpose and not solely for a casual visit.
    • We all eagerly look forward to working with your students in-person again!  Let’s all stay safe and responsible to ensure that this will happen!