• VRHS Student Handbook

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    Student Dress Code

    • Students are expected to dress appropriately while in attendance at Vista Ridge High School.  Clothing must not create a safety hazard or distract from the educational process.

    • Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times for health and safety reasons. 

    • Clothing that is obscene, profane, vulgar or defamatory in design or message is unacceptable. Clothing with gang related symbols or drug, alcohol, tobacco, and/or sexual references is unacceptable. 

    • Clothing that reveals all or part of the stomach, buttocks or chest, tube tops, or short skirts or shorts, and excessively torn (ripped) items are examples of clothing which are not suitable for wear at school. 

    • Clothing or accessories, which are potentially dangerous including heavy chains or spikes, are prohibited. 

    All student clothing must be school appropriate (per board policy), have 1.5 inch straps (per board policy), from armpit to armpit, to the bottom of a 3-4 inch length must be covered. Additionally, students will be permitted to wear head coverings with the understanding that faces are not to be covered. 



    ***Disciplinary actions for violation of the dress code standards will include notification to the student of the violation, the requirement that the clothing be changed before re-entering class, and at the discretion of the building administrator, a parental 

    conference. More severe disciplinary consequences, including suspension or expulsion, may result from repeated or serious violations.


    Electronic Communication Devices, including Cell Phone Policy


    Cell phones and smart devices are expected to be off and put away during all academic times. Cell phones, smart devices, and earbuds may only be used before school, after school, and during lunch. Cell phones, smart devices, and earbuds are not to be used during instructional time in classrooms, in the academic hallways, or as a Student Aide/Tutor - No exceptions. 


    Electronic communication devices can play a vital communication role. However, unless expressly permitted by a teacher for instructional purposes, the use of electronic communication devices within the classroom is not permitted. For purposes of this policy, an “electronic communication device” is any device which records, replays, transmits, receives or otherwise conveys information electronically between the student and another person or entity. 


    Students may carry electronic communication devices approved by the building principal, but these devices must be turned off and put away during instructional time, unless they are being used for instructional purposes and with approval of the teacher.  Regarding non-instructional time, school staff members have the authority to restrict students' use of such devices in school buildings, on school buses, at school-sponsored activities and on field trips, if in the judgment of the staff member, the use of the device interferes with the educational environment. Use of cameras to record all or part of any classroom instruction is permissible only with the approval of the teacher. 


    Use of electronic communication devices with cameras is prohibited in locker rooms, bathrooms, or other locations where such operation may violate the privacy rights of another person. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the device is turned off and out of sight during unauthorized times. Violation of this policy and/or use that violates any other district policy may result in disciplinary action and confiscation of the electronic communication device. A conference between the parent/guardian, student and school personnel may be required in the event an electronic communication device is confiscated.


    The district shall not be responsible for loss, theft or destruction of electronic communication devices brought onto school premises.