• May 1, 2020

    Dear Remington Families,

    As we complete another week of E-Learning, we come to the realization that is our new reality until the end of this school year. This weighs heavy on our hearts as we enter the month of May.  Traditionally, May is a month of wrapping up our school year with special activities for our 5th graders leaving us after 6 years and heading on their continued educational journey to middle school!  However, with your partnership, we continue to maintain a positive learning environment for our learners. Now, it is digital!  Although, we cannot celebrate together, I applaud our staff and parents for making this a special transition, no matter the circumstances.

    Our E-Learning will end May 15th.  Please encourage your children to complete all their assignments as soon as possible. Last night, I was browsing through virtual classrooms and there are many students with missing assignments. We are making every effort to make certain they are ready for the next grade level. The curriculum completion is very important. Please have your learner reach out to teachers for any help and clarification of the lessons. We greatly appreciate your support.

    The following is the pick-up of belongings, pictures, yearbooks, medications and drop off books belonging to the school and library. 

    • Kindergarten – May 19th beginning at 9:00 (please see teacher’s DOJO for      specific times)
    • 1st grade – May 15th at 1:00
    • 2nd grade – May 15th at 2:30
    • 3rd grade – May 18th at 11:30
    • 4th grade – May 18th at 10:00
    • 5th grade – May 19th at 11:00 (please see teacher’s DOJO or Google Classroom for specific times)

    If you are NOT returning to Remington next year, please return your borrowed chromebook and charger.


    If you are unable to drop off during these times, please come any day from May 20th on and between 7:00am – 2:15pm. There is a cell number on the front door to call to collect/drop off supplies.

    This has been a true learning experience for all of us. Our staff cannot thank you enough for your support, collaboration, and partnership! It is often mentioned in our staff meetings, this experience has really brought teachers closer to student’s families!  We all truly appreciate your positive attitude and your endless support!  We dearly miss our students and the classroom environment!  Teachers, students, and parents have persevered through a very challenging time!  Our big Remington family is truly the best!


    With gratitude of being part of this terrific community,

    Lisa Fillo, principal