• Patriot High School E-Learning

  • Message from Mr. Gard


    Students/Parents/Guardians of Patriot High School:


    I hope you are safely riding out the quarantine during this unprecedented time in our world and practicing responsible "social distancing".  E-learning starts for all D49 students on Tuesday 3/31 and will consist of students actively working on their classes remotely Tuesday-Friday.  Monday will be reserved for staff and District meetings and communication efforts.  Listed below are the key points that students and parents/guardians need to know to be successful during e-learning at PHS:

    1) Students have been invited to a Google Classroom for each of their classes and are expected to log into these virtual classrooms Tue-Fri between the hours of 9am-midnight.

    2) Students should also check in to the "Circle Up, Everybody" Google Classroom every Tuesday to receive announcements and "fun stuff" from the staff.

    3) Teachers will be posting assignments and "check-ins" each morning by 9AM with clear expectations and due dates.  It is the students' responsibility to check daily and to participate in the manner outlined by the teacher.

    4) Students MUST respond to the "check-in" post in each class to be marked "present" for the day.  Failure to do so will result in an "absence" for that period.  Absences will affect their ability to receive credit for any missed/late work.  

    5) All PHS staff will be working from 7:30-3:30 (Mon-Fri).  During this time, they will NOT have access to phones, but WILL be regularly communicating through email, their Google Classrooms, and Google Hangouts (by appointment).  Please refrain from calling the school or leaving voicemails as nobody will be there to receive them.

    6) Teachers will have 3 consistent hours of "office hours" set aside to conduct "live" meetings with students and parents to offer additional tutoring or for private conferences as requested by the student or parent.  Make arrangements via email or Google Classroom messages with that teacher.  These times are noted on our website and social media pages.

    7) Students are expected to check their D49 emails frequently throughout the school day for updated correspondence from teachers, counselors, and other PHS staff members.  This is the only reliable method of communication. Contact Mariah Dunson at: mdunson@d49.org if student’s are having email issues.

    8) If your student is ill and unable to attend classes online, please notify Shauna York via email at: syork@d49.org

    9) Both PHS administrators are the only staff members that can be reached by phone. Principal, Steve Gard: 719-491-4033

    Dean of Students, Greg Cox: 719-290-8713

    10) With some consistent time set aside to focus on academics and consistent communication with the school, all PHS students can be highly successful during the 'e-learning" era that we are all facing.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to help enrich this process.  


    Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this unique and trying time in all our lives.


    Be safe, stay healthy, and help others!

  • E-Learning at PHS


    Students will utilize google classroom to access classes and assignments.

    Communicate with teachers and staff through email or the google classroom. 

  • Main School Contact:

    • Principal, Steve Gard: 719-491-4033, sgard@d49
    • Dean of Students, Greg Cox: 719-290-8713, gcox@d49.org
    • Admin Secretary Mariah Dunson: mdunson@d49.org
    • Receptionist Shauna York: syork@d49.org

    Special Education

    • Ms. Gooch: JGooch@d49.org
    • Mr. Macrea: KMacrea@d49.org

    Reading Interventionist

    • Ms.Cvar: KCvar@d49.org

    Counceling/Social Workers

    • Ms. W: Awurmstein@d49.org
    • Ms. T: NTrethewey@d49.org
    • Ms. Goodman: Tgoodman@d49.org


  • Teacher Contacts and Office Hours

      All teachers are available 2pm-3pm


         Mr. Austin –        Paustin@d49.org           available - 9am-11am
         Ms. Banegas-    LBanegas@d49.org          available – 12pm-2pm
         Mr. Baumann-   JBaumann@d49.org        available - 8am-10am   
         Mr. Eggert-        Reggert@d49.org           available – 9am-11am
         Ms. Gooch -      JGooch@d49.org             available- 9am-11am
         Mr. Lustig -        ELustig@d49.org            available – 8am-10am
         Mr. Macrae        KMacrae@d49.org           available - 10am-12pm
         Mr. Newman-     BNewman@d49.org        available – 8am-10am
         Ms. Rowles-       ARowles@d49.org          available -12pm-2pm
         Ms. Roy-            ARoy@d49.org               available- 10am-12pm

  • Helpful Resources

    Links to approved apps and websites, etc.