• District 49 Coronavirus Updates

Suspending Volunteer Service

  • Dear Volunteers, 

    As we continue to plan for our return to in-person learning and seek to provide a safe environment for students, staff, and guests, we are evaluating ways to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19.  As a result, we are temporarily and indefinitely suspending volunteer service at all D49 locations.

    We recognize the valuable contributions of our volunteers and look forward to welcoming you back to our schools in the future. We do not know when that will happen. However, when it does, we will notify our volunteers. 

    For those who no longer wish to be on the volunteer list, please contact Chris Bettencourt at cbettencourt@d49.org.

    Contact Chris Bettencourt, HR Assistant, or me if you have any concerns or questions regarding volunteers.

    Best regards,
    Jen DeFranco
    Human Resources Manager

Return to Learn: August 17 Start

  • Monday, July 27, 2020

    Dear D49 Family,

    Today our Board of Education approved delaying the start of school to Monday, August 17 with a mix of E-learning and in-person options. In addition to this guidance, the BOE also directed the chief officers to publish a final decision about the balance of in-person and E-learning by August 10. As teachers begin returning to work this week, the delayed start will give an extra gift of time for more detailed planning, problem-solving and communicating with parents and students.

    In recent weeks we have seen a steady increase of COVID-19 cases in the Pikes Peak Region. As these numbers climbed, so did feelings of uncertainty among our D49 family…shared directly through feedback from our teachers, and reflected in greater requests from our families to take advantage of our developing E-learning options. Multiple D49 campus leaders report the requests for E-learning equal nearly half of their school’s student population. Based on these factors, along with expert guidance from El Paso County Public Health, delaying our return to learn extends our planning window to ensure we effectively meet the needs of the D49 family.  

    Moving forward, our chief officers will offer the board up-to-date conditions and the district’s response during regular scheduled meetings throughout the COVID emergency. These updates will lay out our decision-making process for potential adjustments as we move through the school year. We will rely on expert guidance from EPCPH and remain agile if conditions require us to change our strategy quickly. 

    Please continue to watch our regular channels of communication for updated information. Our return to learn for the ‘20-21 school year will be like no other that we can remember, but we are committed to walking forward together, serving with purpose, respect and care in the very safest way possible. 


    David Nancarrow

    Director of Communications

  • El Paso County Public Health Recommendation for Delaying Return to Learn
    Board of Education to Meet July 27

    Thursday, July 23

    Dear D49 Family,

    Late last night El Paso County Public Health announced it’s strong recommendation that K-12 districts delay in-person learning until at least August 17 based on increasing COVID-19 cases in the Pikes Peak Region. This recommendation is an amendment to previously published guidance hosted at the county website. District 49 will consider this new guidance as part of our planning process, and our board of education will meet Monday, July 27, to consider taking action on the EPCPH recommendations. 

    Our published plan has been to welcome most D49 kindergarteners, sixth and ninth grade students to school August 7, with a full return of all students on August 10. County health leaders advise that a delay through August 17 will allow them to review four full weeks of data to assess the impact of Governor Polis’ mandatory mask decree and other COVID-19 mitigation efforts. That analysis will offer updated, and better information to support school health and safety strategies.

    Over the next few days, preparations for our return to learn will kick into high gear as building teams meet and detail school-based plans for reopening. We will use the week of August 3 as scheduled for building teams to fine tune and finalize plans to safely support in-person learning in conjunction with school-based E-learning options.  

    Our teams of return to learn planners, along with the D49 Board of Education will solicit input and consider the implications of  the county’s recommendation to determine next steps for our district. We are relying heavily on our partners at EPCPH as we have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we know EPCPH shares our values when it comes to student, staff, and family health and safety.

    Please continue to monitor our regular channels of communication for updates. We thank you for your valuable feedback, patience and understanding.  


    David Nancarrow

    Director of Communications

Back to School

  • July 2, 2020

    Dear D49 Families,

    The beginning of our next school year is approaching rapidly! Although our community has done an admirable job containing the spread of COVID-19, we are still working with conditions and restrictions that will make school look far from normal when we open in August. Because we are planning to return with full enrollment on a standard schedule, we are working to make sure our schools balance the best possible education with the safest learning conditions.

    To begin, we are delaying the planned start of school by four days to create time for planning and preparation. Unless new public health or other conditions disrupt our planned calendar, we intend to follow the remainder of the school year calendar as published and posted. The return schedule will look like this:

    Monday, August 3

    D49 Return to Learn Prep Week Begins

    Friday, August 7

    POWER Zone Elementary Schools Orientation
    By appointment only, Info will come from your PZ school.

    Friday, August 7

    First Day for Kindergarten, 6th Grade & 9th Grade for all other D49 Schools

    Monday, August 10

    First Day for All Students

    More information and a "Q&A" section is available on our Back to School Page.

  • Lunch Update: Holiday and Final Day

    June 26, 2020

    Dear D49 Families,

    As we continue to support our families while operating in alignment with state and local public health guidelines that extend beyond our campuses and our regular school year calendar, we will continue our daily meal distributions through the middle of July, concluding our distributions on July 17. 

    Due to the Fourth of July holiday, we will not serve meals on Friday, July 3. We will provide two days worth of meals on Thursday, July 2.

    We will serve grab-and-go meals Monday - Friday from 11:00 - 11:45 a.m. at our three D49 locations: 

    Evans International Elementary School

    Odyssey Elementary School

    Falcon Elementary School of Technology 

    Please continue to check our regular channels of communications for updates.   

    Meals provided by District 49 Nutrition Services are nut free. Please contact Nutrition Services with dietary requests.

    For a complete list of Pikes Peak school meal pickup locations, Google Maps

    We will monitor the numbers of families we are serving, and may adjust our plans to ensure we’re meeting our students’ needs as efficiently as possible. Please continue to check our regular channels of communications for updates.

    Due to the Memorial Day holiday, we will not be serving meals on Monday, May 25.

    We thank you for your hard work during this season of E-learning, and as always, we appreciate your trust and understanding.


    School District 49

  • Return to School Plan & Survey

    June 10, 2020

    Based on new guidance from Governor Jared Polis, we have converted our previous return to school framework from a reduced class size and alternating day schedule model to the full-schedule, full-attendance framework you see outlined in the model below.
    Here are a few highlights:

    • D49 will operate a full-schedule, five-day week.
    • D49 will form cohorts of students who will learn and move together during the day with reduced contact to limit the incidence of exposure and possible spread of illness.
    • D49 will expect staff to wear masks, and will recommend students to wear masks.
    • D49 will implement health protocols for screening, detecting and responding to exposure and infection.

    Our previous reduced class sizes and alternating day schedule will now be our backup model (to be used in case an outbreak or other circumstance changes the conditions) We are now evaluating the following model for immediate preparation and implementation in August, closely considering the rationales and unknowns that you will see in greater detail in the model you see here. 

    Please read through the Model's 7 Elements and take the survey, link is below. 

    As we have seen with this situation, this plan could change based on new information and guidance from the state or county. 

    The Model:


    • D49 will operate a full-schedule, five-day week.


    • Recent statements from Governor Polis indicate that upcoming guidance from the state level will permit class sizes of 25 or more, consistent with realistic protocols for distancing, hygiene, and personal responsibility.


    • How will we adjust class schedules and campus schedules to reduce student mobility throughout the day?
    • How will we support individual students who need specialized accommodations to access learningin our new model?


    • D49 will form cohorts of students who will learn and move together during the day. We will reduce contact between cohorts to reduce the incidence of exposure and possible transmission.


    • Scheduling students in cohorts will reduce the degree of contact and minimize the need for contact tracing if a student or staff member is infected.
    • Reduced contact through social distancing has coincided with reduced transmission rates across many populations.


    • How will we establish cohorts as students arrive at school and release cohorts at the end of the day?
    • At secondary schools, where classes include students from multiple grades, how will we adapt cohort principles to minimize contact across large groups?


    • D49 will maintain the current school day schedule--not extending or shortening the schedule.


    • Even with larger class sizes and a more normalized schedule, the new model will be challenging to implement and manage.
    • Remaining with the standard schedule will maintain a known, sustainable model.


    • How will a cohorted model of student presence affect the transfer time between classes?


    • D49 will expect staff to wear masks, and will recommend students to wear masks.


    • Current best recommendations from CDE and health agencies include staff wearing masks.
    • Recommending that students wear masks sets a cautious standard, without creating a rigid requirement that is probably unenforceable and disruptive.


    • How will individual workforce members respond to the expectation to wear masks?
    • Will an open culture for student mask wearing create tension or conflict?
    • How will we implement exceptions for staff members who can not wear a mask?


    • D49 will implement health protocols for screening, detecting and responding to exposure and infection.


    • Screening for symptoms such as elevated temperatures, or contact tracing after exposure to infected individuals provides an additional layer of protection to district students, parents, and staff. 


    • How will we manage the logistics of regular screening?
    • Will we need additional personnel or equipment to implement our health protocols?


    • D49 will operate near-normal bus routes but with capacity limited on each bus to one student per seat with siblings sharing a seat. 


    • Solo seating with sibling sharing will best balance the value of enhanced distancing while still preserving some transportation efficiency. 


    • Since reduced seating will reduce our bus fleet capacity, will transportation demand exceed our capacity?
    • Will riders be willing to wear masks to increase the bus carrying capacity?


    • D49 will operate a full-scale food service adapted to a grab-and-go model rather than a conventional lunchroom with large-quantity serving lines. 


    • Proving a mobile meal service, either through pickup or delivery of packaged meals, will support the cohort model for student learning and mobility. 


    • How will preparing packaged meals change our staffing and scheduling needs?
    • Will we prioritize cashless, no-contact methods of payment for nutrition services?

    The Return to School Survey 

    49Voices: Return to School School Preferences

    The option to take the June survey is no longer available. 


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  • CHSAA cancels co-curricular athletics and activities remainder of school year

  • E49 Spring Sports and Activities 2019-20: April 17, 2020

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  • Still Need a Chromebook?: April 10, 2020

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  • E-Learning

    On March 30, District 49 re-opened for learning under the new conditions of operations required by the coronavirus health emergency. For the time being, D49 will pursue excellence as E49, which acknowledges our move as a district to an E-learning and E-working model! Thank you for walking with us as we navigate our new landscape and season of learning created by this epidemic. 

    Our primary concern is protecting learning time while respecting the needs of families and students during this challenging time.

    We are also providing equipment to families who need support to participate in E-learning. 


    More information on E-learning is available on our E49 page.

    Specific class information is avaible on your school's webpage.