• Virtual Update 2/25

  • SCHS Virtual Learning Weekly Friday Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87943288428


    We will NOT meet via zoom when in-person students are not in session.


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  • This page is dedicated to students and families that have chosen to be fully online for Virtual Learning for the 2020-2021 school year. 



    Virtual students should be finished with course content and the final by 5/14.

    Students should be finished with retakes and remediation by 5/21.

    If you missed our Virtual Parent Meeting on 1/20, you can access the recording here: https://youtu.be/7-SRuBZZ0dw


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    Virtual Learning 

    Update 1/6
    Attendance: Access Edgenuity daily for attendance.  You only need to log into the program for it to be registered that you are "here" for the day.  Students DO NOT need to access Schoology at this point.
    Grading: As students submit assignments that need to be graded by a teacher, the grade will show as a 0 until the teacher grades the assignment. Don't panic! However, to know what your grade is, be sure to look at the ACTUAL GRADE. This takes into account the pace, work not completed yet, and work that you have done. The only grades that will be visible in Power School will be the final grade transferred from Edgenuity. Always look in Edgenuity for your grade! Parents: If you would like parent access to Edgenuity to see your students' progress and updated grade, fill out this form.
    Pacing/Daily Schedule: You have the freedom to work in whatever class you like but you should be working in each course for at least 30-60 minutes per day or if you want to follow a C/N type schedule, you should be in those classes for a minimum of 90 minutes a day per class.  You have to have all course content completed by May 15th.  The assignment calendar does take into account breaks.
    Progress Report: Edgenuity sends automatic progress reports out weekly. 
    Technical issues: If you are having any tech issues, please see the three steps under the Edgenuity tab on the right. 
    Timeline: Students should have 50% of their course work done in ALL courses by the beginning of Spring Break. Students are expected to finish 100% of their work by May 15th. Finals will be open to take on May 17th and studenets will have to have all course work, finals, remediation and retakes done by 3pm on 5/21. 
    Credit Recovery: If you have any questions about Virtual Credit Recovery, please reach out to Crystal Rattin at crattin@d49.org.  
    Teacher Contact Info for Courses


    mgrabow@d49.org - English I and English I Honors, English 2 and English 2 Honors

    crattin@d49.org - English 3, English 4, AP Lang and Comp and Credit Recovery


    Social Studies

    anicholson@d49.org - Civics, World History, World History Honors, US History, American Government, Psychology, Sociology, AP Government and AP US History



    ajennings@d49.org - Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry

    lschoenberg@d49.org - PreCalculus

    lstuart@d49.org - Business Math and AP Calculus



    ccasai@d49.org - Biology, Honors Biology, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics and AP Biology



    esiemieniec@d49.org - Intro to Business, Business Communication, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality and Tourism

    anicholson@d49.org - CSE, IED, A+


    Foreign Language

    sclarke@d49.org - Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3,  French 1 and French 2



    jtomme@d49.org - PE and Health



    jjesse@d49.org - Intro to 2D Art, Intro to 3D Art, and Art Appreciation

    Edgenuity Login Information
    Username: StudentID#@d49.org
    Password: StudentID#
    We recommend you change your password to match your Schoology/Google Password as soon as you can!
    Check to see that your courses in Power School match the courses you are enrolled in on Edgenuity. 

    From Counseling:
    1)Virtual schedules are going to look different than in building.  Counselors have worked hard to match up student schedules the best we could to what they were taking as if they were in building.
    2). A student may have more than one virtual class in a period scheduled.  That does not matter; it matters more that they are in 8 classes for 9-10th grade and minimum 6 for 11-12th graders.
    3). Not all classes are offered on a virtual basis so students may not see that class on their virtual schedule.

     Families should be aware that we are unable to accomodate all courses in a full online environment. Counselors will do their best to create a schedule that resembles what was in Power School before and is able to be accessed online for the length of a semester.