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  • A Message from Ridgeview


    Ridgeview Families and Students,


    We are so excited to embark on this new adventure with you!   Sometimes change can be scary, but we are Huskies and up for the challenge.  One thing I would ask of everyone is that we have patience, understanding and offer everyone some grace.  This is new territory for all of us and it is only by working as a team that we will be successful. 


    As we move into this new realm of E Learning, please know that we are here to help.  Our staff has been preparing lessons for your students so they can continue to grow and learn.   The teachers will be engaged in teaching during normal school hours and will have dedicated time set aside each day to be actively engaged with students and families either through Google Hangouts, phone calls, or emails.  Please keep in mind that our teachers have families and children that also require their support, so they will not always be available for an immediate response.


    Despite our unique situation, it will be important for your children to have a regular routine.  Children do best when maintaining their usual school night bedtime and wake up times. Having an area in your house reserved for school work is helpful.  If you are working from home, like many of us are, you could refer to it as your child’s office or classroom. Set a schedule for your student to do their school work, possibly having your child help create that schedule so they have some control over their day.  Break up the work so your child has a chance to get some fresh air and exercise, mental and physical health is important too. If your child’s “school day” extends past 3:30, that’s ok. Make the schedule work based upon your family’s needs and access to devices. Finally, please communicate regularly with your child’s teacher.  They want to know what struggles you or your child are experiencing and what celebrations you are seeing.  

    We look forward to being back in school with our students just as soon as possible.  Until then, please know that we are here to help through this unique time. We can do this and achieve great things.  Remember...We Are Husky Strong!


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  • E-Learning For Ridgeview


    Our Schedule

    Monday is a Teacher Work Day

    Tuesday - Friday are Teacher Directed Instruction Online

    K - 2

     Primary grades will send out daily emails to parents with links to lessons, videos, and assignments on E-Learning Days.

    3 - 5

    Intermediate grades will provide instruction through Google Classroom which will include lessons, videos and assignments. Click the link for a getting started guide.


    K - 2  students will receive their Enrichment instruction in a newsletter form with the email sent to you by your teacher. 

    3 - 5 students will log into Google Classroom and find the class called Enrichments. This used to be the same class for iPads class. We gave it a new name and invited all the Enrichment teachers to join teaching in the same room.

    Special Education / Reading Intervention / CLDE

    If your student receives supplemental instruction, your teacher will be in touch with you either by email or phone to let you know how they will provide instruction.  


  • Attendance

     Attendance will be taken during E-Learning days based upon student engagement in lessons, logging into educational sites, and completion of work. For more information please contact your student's teacher.