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    Teachers will provide students with learning plans that embed both online and offline work. Students will utilize online programs and resources to access instruction and complete assignments. Students will typically not use programming or apps they are not familiar with or have not already used in class before. Teachers will provide a link to an online resources login information sheet in the event students have forgotten usernames or passwords. Additionally, students will be tasked with activities that can be completed off-line as well using common materials like paper, pencil, crayons, etc. Students may work at their own pace each day, Tuesday through Friday, on instructional activities assigned.  Please see the Frequently Asked Questions tab on this page for more information or email your child's teacher.



  • Attendance

    Teachers will track attendance via assignment completion, participation and engagement. Students not participating without excuse will be determined absent. Teachers will monitor student progress and assignment submission to record attendance. Parents may also email classroom teachers to notify of student attendance or absence. If a student is ill or has an emergency and cannot participate, please email whesattendance@d49.org to report this absence. Our attendance line will also be monitored for voicemails at (719)495-5500.