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    FMS Locker Drive Through Pick Up Instructions 



    Hello 7th grade Firebirds! 

    It is time to start thinking about your Exploratory classes for next Fall.  Please fill out this Google Form to submit your Exploratory requests. 
    Please remember that while we try to schedule students into at least one of their top Explore choices, class placement cannot be guaranteed.  Also remember that if we do not receive your Exploratory request form submission you will be scheduled into classes that may have not been your top choices. Please fill out and submit this form by Friday, May 22nd.  
    If you have any questions at all please contact Ms. Murdock at lmurdock@d49.org



    Message from School Leadership

    Welcome Back Firebirds! We hope everyone had a good Spring Break and that everyone remained healthy and safe! This website will contain information related to our E-Learning Plans for Falcon Middle School. We will update this website, through the links for each grade level on the left, each week with the E-Learning Plans by Monday at 4pm. Our teams will be sending their weekly E-Learning Plan emails each Monday by 3:00pm. If you still need to sign up for your team’s email, please see the information below:

    • 6 RED - Join through the Remind App - Code: 6red1920
    • 6 GOLD - Contact Shannon Telljohn at stelljohn@d49.org
    • 6 ORANGE - Join through the Remind App - Code: g232hac
    • 7 RED - Join through the Remind App - Code: 23bdha or email Mr. Bates at cabates@d49.org
    • 7 GOLD - Join through the Remind App - Code: @fms7g
    • 7 & 8 ORANGE - Join through the Remind App - 787gfd
    • 8 RED - Join through the Remind App - Code: 4e82e7
    • 8 GOLD - Emails are sent to all parents through PowerSchool

    Please remember that Mondays are a PLC Day for Staff to prepare the lessons and activities for the week. Tuesdays through Fridays are E-Learning days where students will work on the assignment lessons and interact with staff members, as needed, as they complete the various tasks. 

    We know this will be an adjustment for everyone as we get this process going. It will take patience and effort on everyone’s part to ensure we provide the best opportunities for our students. Let us know how we can help!



    Expectations for Teachers

    • Staff will be available by email from 7:50am until 3:00pm
    • All learning activities and instructions will be provided in the weekly emails that will be sent by each team on Mondays at 3:00pm. These tasks and links will also be provided on this E-Learning website by 4:00pm each Monday. Teams will provide instructions to various online resources they are using to help the students with access.
    • All teachers will have regular office hours. These hours will be included in their weekly emails as times will be staggered to allow students the opportunity to meet with different teachers at different times. There will be two posted office hours in the morning and an additional office hour in the afternoon. Teachers will be utilizing Schoology Conferences (Big Blue Button) and Google Hangouts for these office hours periodically.
    • Grades will be updated weekly in PowerSchool for parents to check student progress.
    • Attendance will be updated weekly in PowerSchool by Fridays at 3:00pm to show student attendance for the week.
    • Teacher should provide assignments and activities that are focused on essential content and skills that students need to master before the end of the year.
    • We are using the standard of approximately 80-minutes of learning activities per class per week as the guideline for how much work the students will be provided. This will ensure we do not overwhelm students and also allow for shared technology use if there are multiple users in the household.





  • Keeping Things Positive

  • School Contacts

  • District Resources

  • Attendance

    • It is expected that students engage with their learning activities for each of their classes each day during the week.
    • We understand that there is still a need for additional technology resources, so we will only be updating attendance weekly. If students demonstrate effort on completing their tasks throughout the week and/or complete all of the assigned activities for each class, then they will be marked “Present” for each day of class that week.
    • Failure to complete learning activities throughout the week may result in unexcused absences.
    • We encourage students to try and follow their typical schedule through the week as they complete the learning activities and interact with their teachers by email or through office hours to show that they are working on their assignments.
    • Students must submit work throughout the week to count for being “Present” and also to ensure assignments are not marked as “Missing” in the gradebook, which will impact their overall grade.


  • Frequently Asked Questions