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    • Students at Falcon Middle School will be following the regular bell schedule. Please see this schedule above.
    • Classes will take place Monday through Friday each week, based on the district calendar.


    Instructional Delivery

    • Students will participate in live instruction from their teachers and engage in tasks during each scheduled class period time.
    • Students need to make sure to attend each of their core classes, explore classes, and their advisory class.
    • To start the year, teachers will not be assigning homework on top of what is taking place during class time. Students may have some independent work, but the teacher will remain available on Zoom and by email during the class periods for students to ask questions.
    • After piloting Zoom™ video conferencing with students last year, we have found that this is an incredible instructional tool for our teachers. Teachers have been trained on the security features and will be utilizing waiting room features to control who is able to enter their classrooms at given times.
    • Student work will be completed and submitted online through Schoology. Teachers will show their classes how to navigate to their pages and what to do to submit work.
    • Teachers will be grading submissions as like before, providing students feedback, and updating their grade books in PowerSchool as assignments are graded. Parents will be able to view grades through the portal same as before.



    • Attendance will be taken each period. It is important for students to engage with their teachers during the scheduled class times to be counted as present.
    • If students are unable to participate in class activities or join the zoom sessions, they will initially be marked absent.
    • We understand that some families may have schedule conflicts and a student may miss their scheduled class. Teachers will be uploading recordings of the lessons for students to view and still complete their work. As long as work is completed within the same day, then the absence can then be changed in the system.
    • If you ever have questions about a student's attendance, please contact the teacher first. Further questions can be directed to our attendance office.


    E-Learning Webpage

    • All of our work will be posted through our new FMS E-Learning Page.
    • Go to www.d49.org/fms and click on "E-Learning" at the top of the page.
    • Teachers and teams will be updating their landing page daily by 4:00pm for the next day. The previous days will auto-archive below the current day so that if a student was absent, they immediately know what the exact work missed was.


    Social Emotional Learning

    • We know that being away from school for as long as we have will require time to build relationships, check in on our students, and step them back into the learning process. Because of this, we will slowly build towards a normal academic routine over the first two weeks of school.
    • Students will also participate in lessons connected to our Sources of Strength program to help them build new relationships and learn how to support each other in this new year.
    • Counselors will also be available to support students. Information related to this will be contained on the counseling landing page through our E-Learning webpage.



    • As always, we allow teachers 24 hours (next business day) to respond to correspondence from parents and families.
    • With having our classes live, students will have a much easier time connecting with their teachers during their scheduled classes. This should help reduce the email load overall.
    • Due to the increased screen time, we are asking our teachers to also sign off of their computers at the end of the school day to recharge for the next day.
    • Team announcements, school announcements, and other communication will all be posted through our Landing Pages. This helps provide a one stop area for parents and simplify the process overall from what we had in the past.


    We thank you for your hard work, your trust, and understanding as we walk together through this new season of E49 - 2.0.