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  • Message from School Leadership 

    With the longest-running tradition of e-learning in District 49, Falcon High School’s Administration and Staff are committed to supporting student learning that is as closely aligned to the learning that they would have received had they attended school in the building on a regular school day.  We recognize that in these very difficult times, circumstances are different from those that we have experienced previously when our students were the only ones home on e-days.  We know that parents, siblings and other family members are all competing for computing and bandwidth space and will be flexible as possible in providing a quality educational experience.  Please stay well and safe and we hope to see you again in person soon.


    Dr. Darryl Bonds, Principal

    Dr. Lauren Murphy, Assistant Principal

    Nathan Truex, Assistant Principal

    Jennifer Gregg, Athletic Director   

    Michael Champlin, Dean of Students 

  • Message on E-Learning  

    Please use the following Guidance for teacher and student E-Learning Expectations. 

    • Teachers will work Monday – Friday. Monday will serve as a planning day. Lesson and instruction will be delivered Tuesday – Friday each week.
    • All teachers will post lessons, assignments, links, etc., in Schoology each E-learning day, Tuesday – Friday.
      • Tuesday and Thursday will be a "Gold Day" - Periods 5-8
      • Wednesdays and Fridays will be a "Green Day" - Periods 1-4 
      • All classes will begin with a Virtual Session in Schoology Conferences.
      • We will follow this class schedule: 
        • Period 1/5 - 8:15 am
        • Period 2/6 - 9:30 am
        • Period 3/7 - 10:45 am
        • Period 4/8 - 12:30 pm 
    • All teachers will be available to students by email during normal working hours, from 8:00 – 3:00, Monday – Friday.
    • All teachers will hold “office hours” each day of e-learning, Tuesday - Friday. Office hours will be held virtually through Schoology Conferences or through email where students will be able to access a link within Schoology.  Teachers will be available for office hours based on the schedule below:      
      • 1:30 - 2:30 PM - Each Academic Day - Tues - Fri
    • Teachers may post directions or links, in Schoology, to other online resources, However, Schoology will serve as the primary place for students to login in to receive instruction and direction.
    • Students have until their next scheduled class period to turn in assignments on the date due unless the student(s) communicates with the teacher otherwise.
    • All teachers will take attendance, in PowerSchool, the day of each learning day (attendance will primarily be done through Schoology Conferences on the day of class) but students will be marked present for completion of assignments.
    • Accommodations and modifications will be provided to students on plans (IEP’s, 504’s, or ELP’s) and may include supplemental resource support. Students' case managers will contact families to notify them of the process for students to access additional support.
    • IEP meetings will now be held virtually through ZOOM or Schoology Conferences. A Special Education staff member will send the e-meeting link to parents and others involved for access.
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  • Message on Concurrent Enrollment Courses

    Please refer to the below guidance for your Concurrent Enrollment class schedule below:

    • CE Classes that are Monday/Wednesday due to professors from PPCC, those classes will continue to be taught on Monday and Wednesday. 
    • There will be no Friday CE Classes.

  • E-Learning for FHS Students 

    Students should log onto Schoology daily at the below scheduled times for their virtual class sessions.

    Bell Schedule: 

    • Period 1/5 - 8:15
    • Period 2/6 - 9:30
    • Period 3/7 - 10:45
    • Period 4/8 - 12:30

    Rotating Block Schedule: 

    • Tuesday / Thursday is a Gold Day 
    • Wednesday / Friday is a Green Day

    Office Hours: 

    • Tuesday through Friday - 1:30 to 2:30 pm

    Student Expectations: 

    Complete all assignments for your classes on the E-learning day and submit or post your assignments by the beginning of your next scheduled class period - IE 48 hours from the past class virtual session, unless otherwise communicated to the teacher.

    • Communicate with your teachers via email if you have questions or need assistance.
    • Teachers will be available via email from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. and Office hours will take place on Tuesday - Friday from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. 
    • Students that are unable to access Schoology will contact teachers by email to request copies, or work, to be sent by email.
      • Students will also be allowed to scan and turn in work to the teacher through email if necessary.
    • Students that do not have access to Schoology can reach out to their teachers to reset their account password. 
      • NOTE: Schoology password resets will happen each afternoon, so please be patient during this process.  
    • Students should do their best work and access teachers for virtual instruction, through Schoology Conferences. 
    • Student work will be graded and posted in PowerSchool each week.
    • Failure to complete work will be marked as “missing” and entered into the grade book accordingly.
    • Students will contact their grade level counselor through email if support is needed and counselors will be able to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting.

  • Attendance Information for E-Learning

     Attendance will be taken each day. 

    • Log in to Schoology Conferences on E-learning days, Tuesday – Friday each week during the below schedule. The easiest way for your attendance to be recorded is to log in to your teacher’s classroom, for each period of each day before logging in to other online platforms. In order for your attendance to be recorded, you MUST log in to your teacher's classroom, for each period each day, before logging in to other online learning platforms. Don’t worry if you can’t get in at this time.  Your attendance will be logged once you get in. 


    • Follow the below schedule for your class days:  
      • Bell Schedule: 
        • Period 1/5 - 8:15
        • Period 2/6 - 9:30
        • Period 3/7 - 10:45
        • Period 4/8 - 12:30

        Rotating Block Schedule: 

        • Tuesday and Thursday is a Gold Day 
        • Wednesday and Friday is a Green Day

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