• PPEC Inclement Weather Plans


    Please read the document linked below thoroughly as this semester, we will differ from D49 when it comes to how we deal with weather delays and cancellations. Because on-campus PPCC college classes are being held online due to COVID, our campus will be closed when D49 declares a late start or a snow day.  We will work virtually on a delayed start or snow day through our online curriculum, and teachers will be available via Zoom.  Working virtually on a delayed start or snow day will count as a day of instruction.  

    Pikes Peak Early College Inclement Weather Policy



    How to determine if we have a weather delay or closure:

    • D49 website - The D49 website will include weather information on the home page in the District Updates section.  In addition, you can look for a banner at the top of the home page that will provide a brief statement such as "delayed," "Delayed Monitoring, or "Closed."

    • Local TV stations - When winter weather hits, tune into any local TV station's newscast to view their weather delays/closure information.

    • Social Media - Stay connected regarding delays and closures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Follow District 49 on each of these platforms to see current information.

    • Email/Text Messages - Be sure you have current contact information in our Student Information System to receive emails or text messages.  Check with your child's school to ensure they have up-to-date information.  If you do not receive an email or text when the weather is questionable, be sure to check other resources.