I.T. Quick Help

  • This page is here to help you answer and trouble shoot some of the most asked Information Technology questions.

How Do I...

  • Logins: Technology and Programs

  • Reset Password with building Specops admin

  • Damaged Hardware Repair

  • Use Self Service?

  • Download software from Self Service

  • Submit an "IT Help Request" Ticket

  • Sign into Schoology

  • Submit Schoology Help Request

  • Join Group or Course in Schoology

  • Sign into Ahanet Professional Learning

  • Website Login for Editing

  • Schoology District Technology Course

MacBook FAQ

  • What is Self Service?

  • How do I add printers at my school?

  • What kinds of software can I install on my Mac?

  • Where do I log into PowerSchool, and the other staff resources I may need?

  • Is there cloud storage that I can use?

  • What web browser should I use?

  • Is District 49 responsible for any personal data lost if my laptop is damaged/stolen?

  • How can I access system settings for my MacBook?

  • How do I search on my MacBook for applications or files?

  • Can I get a case and/or cover for my MacBook?