2023 Calendar Year

2022 Calendar Year

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  • How to Contact D49 Insurance Providers:
    UMR Medical - Group #76414088, phone is 800-207-3172
    Don't have your UMR ID card yet? Use this temporary ID card for D49 employees until your medical card arrives.
    Delta Dental - Group #8874, phone is 800-610-0201
    Don't have your Delta Dental card yet? Use this temporary ID card for D49 employees until your dental card arrives.
    UnitedHealthcare Vision - Group #919285, phone is 800-638-3120
    Don't have your vision ID card yet? Use this temporary ID card for D49 employees until your vision card arrives.
Shannon Hathaway
Risk & Benefits Manager
Phone: 719.495.1158
Celina Thrutchley
Payroll & Benefits Technician
Phone: 719.494.8991