• The District 49 Operations Department has a vision and mission to best serve our community.


    Vision:  Benefit learning through sound, resourceful operational support

    Mission: Support the district 49 educational journey by being customer-oriented, operationally efficient and fiscally responsible in serving our community.


    Providing a safe environment for our students to learn, our teachers and staff to work, and our leadership to lead is very important to District 49.

    If you become aware of a potential safety concern, please feel free to contact our safety, health and regulatory compliance coordinator at safety@d49.org.


    Do you have a question or concern about the District 49 Operations Office?

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Pedro Almeida
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 719.495.1118
Jennifer Kiggins
COO Executive Assistant
Phone: 719.494.8912
Monica Deines-Henderson
Nutrition Services Director
Phone: 719.495.1106
Ron Lee
Director of 3B MLO Capital Construction
Phone: 719.495.1146
CJ Jilek
Co-Director of Facilities
Phone: 719.494.8987
Daniel Payne
Co-Director of Facilities
Phone: 719.243.0453
Jack Pietraallo
Transportation Director
Phone: 719.495.1159
David Watson
Safety and Security Director
Phone: 719.494.8916
Tara Carey
Safety and Health Compliance Specialist
Phone: 719.494.8934
Jim Tanner
Technology Quality Assurance Manager
Phone: 719.930.7462