Mrs. Kristy Rigdon

Phone: 719-495-5300


Degrees and Certifications:

Ed Leadership and Policy Studies, Principal Certificate, DU MA Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, UCCS MA Counseling and Human Services, UCCS

Mrs. Kristy Rigdon

Hello Inspiration View families, 

It is my honor to have been selected as the principal for Inspiration View Elementary School, the latest addition to District 49's portfolio of schools!

I am super excited to meet all of you. Construction is coming along great and IVES will be open for the 2019-2020 school year. 

At IVES we have a different approach to teaching and learning. Through an arts integrated approach, we seek to foster individual student promise and passions through arts integrated learning. This intentional focus creates an environment that allows all students to develop as creative risk takers who collaborate, communicate and celebrate through diverse learning opportunites while discovering a love of learning as they evolve as authentic human beings. We are a neighborhood coordinated D49 school, not a charter and not a magnet school. Our goal is not to create artists, though we hope that will be one outcome. Our goal is to create an engaging environment, where the learning is "sticky" and transfers across content areas, and students gain a firm foundation in skills that will serve them well for a lifetime; skills and qualities like problem solving, communication, collaboration, perseverance, fortitude, flexibility, reflection, and openess.

What does this mean? Students will learn all the Colorado Academic Standards. In addition to studio classes in Music, Art, Movement (PE and Dance), and Drama, students will "construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both" (Kennedy Center definition of Arts Integration) This definition of arts integration guides our planning and work. A simple example is if students are learning about ratios and proportions in math, they may do this through also learning perspective standards in art. This kind of approach provides real life application for what students are learning. It is authentic, connected, and includes authentic tasks for authentic audiences. 

How did I come to be in this position now? I have been with District 49 my entire educational career. I started my career in education as a reading interventionist at Springs Ranch, then was a classroom teacher. When our district moved to the zone structure, I became an instructional coach for the Sand Creek Zone. After three years in that position, I transferred over to District 49 Learning Services as the Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and then the district Coordinator of Literacy Performance. I love reading and thoroughly enjoyed that position and the work I did to support all district schools to ensure our students are readers by third grade, and achieving state recognition for that work. But then the opportunity to lead Inspiration View Elementary School came along. 

I believe that every one of us has passions and talents, and that it is the job of schools to capture and grow those passions and talents. Through an arts integrated approach, we can harness the innate creativity of students and watch them flourish. 

Through my own children I have seen the positive influence of the arts. My oldest daughter works in Chicago in the theatre industry and is about to transition to New York. We knew from an early age she was destined for the stage in some capacity. My youngest daughter is about to graduate from CSU in Ft. Collins with a degree in Natural Resources and Geography. She tells me that "if the science thing doesn't work out, there is always her art". Throughout their education, we were fortunate and able to provide extra opportunities for them to explore their visual and performing arts. I feel fortunate to bring those opportunities to your students through this school. 

Other things that you should know about me, I love to read, paint, and travel. I have lived in Colorado Springs for the better part of the last 30 years, and am a fourth generation native of Colorado. Being empty nesters, my husband and I added a mini-sheepadoodle to our family, and he keeps us busy.  We enjoy living in our downtown home, built in 1899. There is never a shortage of projects, or antique shopping adventures. 

I can not wait to meet all of you, learn your story, and create the story of Inspiration View Elementary School. We look forward to being a part of the neighborhoods where you live, and the District 49 community. Keep watching the web page for updates as the planning team continues our work. 

See you in August! 


Kristy Rigdon