• What is Springs Studio for Academic Excellence?

    Springs Studio for Academic Excellence is the premier blended learning environment in the state of Colorado.
    • We are a fully blended-learning school in District 49.
    • Our Constitution Campus is a centrally located open concept 21,000 square foot state of the art building, referred to as a “Google meets Starbucks” learning environment
    • Our curriculum is rigorous, relevant and personalized to meet the needs of all learners.
    • Springs Studio is a multi-district online school providing online and blended educational opportunities for students all over the state of Colorado.
    • NCAA Approved coursework for college-bound athletes
    • College Prep Aligned Coursework

    SSAE Blended Learning Opportunities 2019-2020

    Springs Studio for Academic Excellence has two components to our blended learning model.  Virtual work is completed on the Edgenuity platform, and our on-campus instruction is teacher directed and focused on project and problem-based activities.

    High School Blended Model (Grades 9-12):

    • On-Campus Instruction- Tuesday and Thursday
    • Virtual Course Work- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

    Middle School Blended Model (Grades 6-8):

    • On-Campus Instruction:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Virtual Course Work Tuesday and Thursdays

    Full Virtual (Grades 8-12) 

    • Virtual coursework: Monday through Friday
    • Teacher Online Support: Monday
    • Teacher on Campus Support: Wednesday and Friday

    (Demonstration as an Autonomous Learner Profile with Approval is Required, and limited Full Virtual Spots Are Available) 


    • More than 160-course offerings through Edgenuity 
    • Tuition-free for students taking high school courses
    • Free College for qualifying students through Concurrent Enrollment Program
    • Offers face to face support from experienced and certified teachers
    • Online opportunities ensure every student has access to the best education available regardless of geography, income or background.
    • 1-in-3 college students engage in online learning which helps better prepare our students for post-secondary success
    • Aligns with public higher education institutions views that online education is critical


    SSAE is a school based on the concept that parents, students, and faculty are needed to fully maximize the potential of all students and ensures a successful academic journey. As a foundational core value, we believe that building relational capacity with students and parents is a top priority because students and families must believe that SSAE is a safe and healthy place to send their student to every day.