How to determine if we have a weather delay or closure:

    • D49 website - The D49 website will include weather information on the home page in the District Updates section.  In addition, you can look for a banner at the top of the home page that will provide a brief statement such as "delayed," "Delayed Monitoring, or "Closed."
    • Local TV stations - When winter weather hits, tune into any local TV station's newscast to view their weather delays/closure information.
    • Social Media - Stay connected regarding delays and closures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Follow District 49 on each of these platforms to see current information.
    • Email/Text Messages - Be sure you have current contact information in our Student Information System to receive emails or text messages.  Check with your child's school to ensure they have up-to-date information.  If you do not receive an email or text when the weather is questionable, be sure to check other resources.