• Senior Photos

    This is the final call for submitting Senior photos to the yearbook if you have not done so. Please fill out the form below to submit your photo. These are due no later than March 1, 2019.

    Senior Photo Submissions

    If you are having trouble with your photo submissions, contact Mrs. Danford, sdanford@d49.org, to make arrangements to get your photo into the yearbook.

    If you don't have Senior photos but would like something nicer than your "school picture" in the yearbook, please reach out to Mrs. Danford. She will help you take a nice photo to upload (sometimes even with your phone's camera - although that can't be guaranteed).
    Photos should be a minimum of 300 x 300 dpi, portrait orientation, and include only the senior (a prop is okay, but not other people). They do not have to be professionally taken but should be appropriate for a yearbook printing. Photos should be submitted no later than Dec. 21, 2018.


    Senior Dedication Page

    Between now and March 1, 2019, you can reserve a dedicated space honoring your Senior. The yearbook staff will then work with you to create your personalized layout.
    Costs for reserving your dedication page are $25 for a 1/2 page and $50 for a full page. Fill out the following form and a member of our yearbook staff will contact you to confirm your reservation and make payment arrangements. 

    Senior Quotes

    Please fill out the following form if you would like to include a Senior Quote next to your picture in the yearbook. You must submit this form from your D49 school email account. 
    Quotes cannot exceed 200 characters. They must be PG in nature and inference and include the author's name to be considered for publication. 
    Quotes should be submitted no later than March 1, 2019. Contact Mrs. Danford, sdanford@d49.org, with any questions. 
    Contact Mrs. Danford, sdanford@d49.org or 719-695-0673, with any questions.