Community Care Overview

  • The Department of Community Care supports the mental wellness of students, staff and the community through working directly with students, staff and families and community events.

    Community care counseling Through the help of Community Engagement Advocates (CEA’s), Community Care helps students and families that may be struggling by working directly with the student and family and helping them find resources within the community. Our Behavior Analysts, work with teachers, students, and families to help manage difficult behaviors at school. 

    On this webpage, you will find resources to support mental health, Social Emotional Learning, behavior management information, and community resources.

Community Care Services

  • Behavior Management

    • District 49 has Board Certified Behavior Analysts working to support our student’s behavioral needs. Here you will find information about BCBA services as well as helpful tips to support positive behavior in the classroom and at home.

    Social Emotional Learning

    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) underscores all learning in school.  In D49 we strive to support the whole child which includes their social and emotional wellbeing. Find out more about SEL resources in District 49.

    Suicide Prevention

    • Suicide is a leading cause of death for teens in El Paso County. See what D49 is doing to prevent loosing more children to suicide.

    Community Resources

    • District 49 care about our families and staff and want to ensure that all children have the support they need to be successful. Resources for food, shelter, clothing and other basic needs can be found in this section.

    Articles  (Peak Inside)

    • Each month, District 49 provides a mental health section in the Peak Inside, the D49 staff newsletter. Take a look at these articles and more here.

    Community Events

    • Community Care provides a variety of events throughout the school year that focus on mental wellness and social/emotional learning. 
    • Youth Mental Health First Aid
      • Youth Mental Health First Aid is for any adult working with teens. It provides tools to recognize when a youth is having a mental health crisis and strategies to support the youth. 
    • Presentations available
      • Community Care provides a wide range of community and staff presentations concerning mental health, trauma informed care, social emotional learning, substance use, relationships, and more. For a list of presentations, click here.

 About Dr. Kim Boyd, PsyD, BCBA-D

  • Dr. Kim Boyd Dr. Kim Boyd has been in District 49 since January of 2002 and has held several positions during that time: Lead School Psychologist, Child Find Coordinator, Autism Team Lead, Traumatic Brain Injury Team Lead, and District Behavior Analyst. Dr. Boyd has had the opportunity to work within every school in the district over her 15 years of service and has helped to develop several programs at these schools.

    As a Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst- Doctoral Level, Dr. Boyd brings a unique perspective on social/emotional learning and supports to District 49. Dr. Boyd has had her own private practice, conducted diagnostics for the area Medicaid Diagnostic Clinic, taught at the University of the Rockies and supported the Colorado Department of Education in statewide trainings. In 2015, Dr. Boyd was awarded the Colorado School Psychologist of the year award and was nominated for the National School Psychologist award in 2017.

    The District 49 community is very important to Dr. Boyd as all three of her children attended school from elementary to graduation in the Falcon Zone. She is very involved in her community and has a desire to support community efforts for students, staff and community members.


Dr. Kim Boyd
Director of Community Care
Phone: 719.494.8944
Jessica Odell, LCSW
Falcon Zone Community Engagement Advocate
Phone: 719-246-9895
Lindsay Cohen
Power Zone Community Engagement Advocate
Phone: 719-499-6044
Sarah Rieves
Sand Creek Zone Community Engagement Advocate
Phone: 719-213-1681
Amber Brown, BCBA
District Behavior Analyst
Jewel Sale, BCBA
District Behavior Analyst
Phone: 719-205-0895
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