• The AVID Program 

    The AVID Program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. The mission of AVID focuses on providing access to four-year colleges for students in the middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path, so that they achieve success in a rigorous curriculum. With AVID as their tool, and SCHS parents and families as their partners, district educators move cohorts of high school students successfully through the state's most demanding courses and into college. AVID schools support students through an academic elective class and supports educators through professional development and team planning. 


    AVID Objectives 

    • To provide academic instruction and other support to students and to prepare them for eligibility to four-year colleges and universities
    • To give students college level entry skills
    • To increase the "coping skills" of program participants
    • To motivate program students to seek a college education
    • To increase the participants' levels of awareness 


    AVID Activities

    • Learning with college tutors 
    • Writing for all classes
    • Applying for college
    • Preparing for a professional career
    • Visiting college campuses
    • Interacting with guest speakers
    • Participating in extracurricular and community activities. 


    AVID Academic Benefits 

    Students benefit academically from: 

    • Curricular support 
    • Support class focused on rigor 
    • Structured tutorials 
    • Redefined academic peer group 
    • Emphasis on study skills, organization, goal setting, time management—connected to academics 
    • Accountability



    AVID students at SCHS will:

    • Attend an AVID elective class
    • Enroll in one or more honors and/or advanced placement courses
    • Take an active role in AVID activities that support post-secondary planning, such as tutorials, college visits, etc.


    Student Selection

    Students are invited into the AVID Program based on criteria such as application, interview, grades, attendance, and behavior. AVID focuses on mid-performing students, especially those at-risk of underachievement, who are capable of completing a college preparatory path with additional support.

Courtney Harrell
AVID Administrator
Elizabeth Kochevar
AVID Coordinator & 12th Grade Instructor
Crystal Rattin
11th Grade AVID Instructor
Natasha Hojati
10th Grade AVID Instructor
Sesia Quarles
9th Grade AVID Instructor