Counseling Services

  • District 49's school counselors are here to support students and families throughout the educational process. Counselors are an integral part of academic achievement through addressing the student as a whole person with various supports in all areas.
  • To begin the 2019-2020 school year ALLIES for the first time was able to hire a part-time school counselor. Please continue to check this webpage for more information regarding our counseling program. 

    Counseling services are available to all students via classroom lessons, individual skill practice or solution focused time, mediation and/or group skill practice. All students, parents, and staff have the right to confidentiality while accessing services with the exception of risk of harm to the student by self or others, harm to others, or when I am given permission by the person sharing. I follow all of the ASCA Ethical Standards that can be accessed in a link to right. 



    The mission of the school counselor is to provide a well-balanced, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, social/emotional, and career development of all students here at ALLIES. The school counselor is intentional about understanding the unique challenges that students at ALLIES have faced and continue to face, it is my goal to collaborate with all community members to continue building a supportive and attentive environment for all student to feel safe in order to learn at their full potential. 


    All students are unique and deserve to be respected.

    All students have the right to learn.

    All students have the ability to learn and succeed.

    Social and emotional capacities are lifelong skills that all students have the capacity to learn in their own way.


    Weekly Classroom Guidance Curriculum: 

    Kelso's Choice- This year I am implementing Kelso's Choice in classroom lessons that are taught on a weekly basis in the Blended Learning Lab. Kelso's Choice is a curriculum of lessons that teaches student the difference between "small and BIG" problems. It also teaches students skills to problem solve with peers through the option of 9 different "Choices". However, it we also teach that "BIG Problems" need an adult’s help and we talk about trusted adults that will help solve problems. 

    Kelso Choice Wheel

    Zones of Regulation- This year I will also be introducing the "Zones of Regulation" program. This is originally designed for small groups and individual work; however, ALLIES is a small community and I believe our students will benefit greatly from the lessons that will teach students how to identify how their body feels and how to self-regulate. 


    Zones of Regulation Blue, Green, Yellow, Red


    To contact Mrs. Higbee the ALLIES School Counselor please email or call the front office to be directed.