Transportation Overview

    District 49's transportation team coordinates for safe student movements to and from schools and extra curricular activities.  The team routinely participates in state and national bus safety programs and competitions.
    Notice:  Fee for Service will only be available on-line due to the closures.  if you need to register for Transportation the information is on this site under Services.  To make payments, please login to your Parent Portal. 

    FEES OWED - Parents, please log into your Parent Portal as your students accounts have been modified to reflect the discounted rates for April and May. You can add the fees owed into your cart and pay your fees there.

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    For more information, call 719.495.1159 

    Today's school buses are built with safety in mind.
      They are tougher, cleaner and more diligently maintained than ever before.  School bus drivers are required to receive special security and medical training, and undergo regular drug and alcohol testing to provide a safe ride for your child.  School bus traffic laws are strictly enforced.  Find out what you don’t know about school bus ridership.  Learn the facts and play it safe.

    Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends.
      But did you also know that your child is much safer riding the bus than being driven by you?  Add in the environmental and financial benefits, and it’s hard to find a reason to send your kids to school any other way.

    bus stop icon Imagine a world with less traffic, cleaner air, and more affordable transportation.  These are just some of the benefits that school bus ridership provides.  While school buses are one of the safest ways to send your kids to school, there are many good reasons that make them a growing choice among parents for their children’s school commute.  Find out what you don’t know about school bus ridership.  Learn the facts and play it safe.  Visit for more information.
    District 49 is seeking qualified applicants for school bus driver openings.  The transportation department recently placed first in the special needs category of the Colorado School Bus Championship Road-e-o, and then placed seventh nationally.  It's an awesome team to work with and learn from, and a great opportunity for those with students attending District 49 schools – you’re off when they’re off.  Drivers get compensated training, competitive wages, great benefits package and an excellent work environment.  The position requires a commercial driver’s license and District 49 will provide training.  Schedule your interviews today.  For more information, including the the knowledge, skill, and abilities required, visit the come work with us page.
  • Bus Driver Hiring Ad


    District 49 is hiring bus drivers. A school bus driver is responsible for the safe operation and transport of school aged children to and from school.  A full time bus driver position is fully benefitted and has a guaranteed minimum of 5 hours per scheduled work day.  A commercial driver license (CDL) is required, however paid training is provided to obtain that license.

    More information is available in the job listing. 




Jack Pietraallo
Transportation Director
Phone: 719.495.1159
CeCe Catherwood
Transportation Secretary
Phone: 719.495.1159
Roxann Clark
Fee for Service, Operations Technician
Phone: 719.495.1159
Robert Sparks
General Education Router
Phone: 719.495.1159
Shauna Orth
Operations Manager
Phone: 719.495.1159
Patty Mize
Training Supervisor
Phone: 719.495.1159
Julie Ellstrom
Student Liaison
Phone: 719.495.1159
Lynnea Brown
Phone: 719.495.1159
Carlos Crespo Cardona
Transportation Manager Personnel
Phone: 719.495.1159
Valerie Crespin
Special Needs Liaison
Phone: 719.495.1159
Last Modified on September 4, 2020