Falcon Zone Graduation Guidelines Summit

  • District 49 is leading the state in preparing for new graduation guidelines, working over the last three years to begin our implementation. '49 Pathways' is our program to help and guide our students on their secondary education journey. We are working to provide students with options to demonstrate competency-or show what they know-in subjects that reflect Colorado standards and 21st century skills before they can graduate. Their Falcon High School diploma will prove they are ready to enter work, military service, ministry, or college.

    Leaders from Falcon High School and Falcon Middle School are working collaboratively to ensure that students who graduate from FHS and Falcon Zone will have in-demand skills that meet business, industry, and higher education standards. Effective collaboration takes all of us; educators, parents and all segments of our community.

    While our current eighth graders, the Class of 2021, will be the first class to demonstrate their readiness in core competency areas through the graduation requirements, your input as a parent and experiences as a member of the community are very valuable as we fine-tune what demonstration of competency looks like at Falcon High School.

    On Wednesday, Sept. 21, a Graduation Guidelines Summit was held at Falcon Middle School. This community conversation is made available here for parents and community members to participate in the conversation.

Presentation - Guest Speaker

Presentation - Counselors

Questions & Answers From The Summit

Graduation Guidelines Community Discussion

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  • Are there any other ideas you have after watching the video and reading the Q&A? We value the opportunity to collaborate as a community.

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