E-Alerts for Parents & Community

  • You must sign into D49.org for E-Alerts.

    E-Alerts are messages sent to you by Skyview Middle School. You must be a registered D49.org visitor to receive E-Alerts. There are two types of E-Alerts you can receive: Broadcast E-Alerts and Content E-Alerts.

    Broadcast E-Alerts are email or text notices sent to school communities. They are typically sent to groups of registered visitors and generally contain timely and important information, like emergency closings, cancellations and evening event notices. A Broadcast E-Alert can be delivered as an email message or you may opt to have it sent to your mobile phone as a Short Message Service (commonly called, "SMS") text message.

    Content E-Alerts are email notices about updated sections of interest. They are sent to registered visitors who have subscribed to a homepage (which includes the homepage calendar) or website section. For example, you might subscribe to your school’s homepage or a teacher's page. When the school's homepage or teacher page is updated and a content E-Alert is sent, you receive an email notification that content has been modified. The email contains a link that you click to navigate to the subscription location.

School E-Alert Status

Broadcast E-Alert
Text or email notifications sent to usergroups, like a school's teacher or parents.
Content E-Alert
Email notifications sent when specific site content is updated, like a committee's page.

Search by District 49 schools, including any with a website hosted at D49.org, to learn more about its current use of E-Alerts.
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  • Evans International Elementary School
  • Falcon Elementary School of Technology
  • Falcon High School
  • Falcon Homeschool Program
  • Falcon Middle School
  • Horizon Middle School
  • Imagine Classical Academy Indigo Ranch
  • Meridian Ranch Elementary School
  • Odyssey Elementary School
  • Patriot High School
  • Pikes Peak Early College
  • Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning
  • Remington Elementary School
  • Ridgeview Elementary School
  • Sand Creek High School
  • Skyview Middle School
  • Springs Ranch Elementary School
  • Springs Studio for Academic Excellence
  • Stetson Elementary School
  • Vista Ridge High School
  • Woodmen Hills Elementary School
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  • Falcon Zone
  • iConnect Zone
  • POWER Zone
  • Sand Creek Zone

Register for E-Alerts

  • The below steps show you how to register for D49.org E-Alerts.

    Step 1: Sign In

    To get E-Alerts from a school, you must sign in with your parent-verified account. Accounts were automatically created for parents using their email as a username, and "changeme" as a password. If you want to use a different D49.org account, or a different email address, let us know here. We'll verify you're a parent or guardian, and then add your account to your school's E-Alert roster.

    Step 2: Edit Your Account Settings

    Edit Your Account Settings

    Step 2: Edit Your E-Alert Settings (Broadcast E-Alerts)

    Edit Your E-Alert Settings

    Step 3: Manage Your Subscriptions (Content E-Alerts)

    Manage Your Subscriptions

    Step 4: Subscribe to School Updates (Content E-Alerts)

    To request email messages about changed website content, find the page in your subscription manager. For example, to request emails about information posted as a school update, look for "Skyview Middle School / School Info /Announcements". When an alert is sent, you'll receive a message using the email registered at D49.org.

    Choose Your Subscriptions

    Step 5: Wait For School to Send Updates

    That's it. When your school sends an E-Alert about a school update, you'll get an email (content alert) or text (broadcast alert).