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    What is the National Junior Honor Society?

    The NJHS is a student group that was established in 1929 in order to help recognize and promote student achievement in the areas of scholarship, character, service, citizenship and leadership.  (It is actually part of the National Honor Society - or NHS - but with a specific emphasis on the middle level grades.) 

    More than 80 years later, the NJHS has maintained its reputation for excellence, and continues to do so through its members, as well as through the schools and communities that support it.  This reputation could not have been established without the commitment of everyone involved. 

    Therefore, membership in the NJHS is both an honor and a commitment.  And, through various NJHS chapter service activities, members continue to both maintain and broaden the qualities and capabilities they displayed in order to be selected for the association. 

    Thousands of schools are chartered through the NJHS, and college admissions officers consider participation in an organization such as the NJHS to be a good indicator of success at the college level, and later in life as well. 

    As long as the members and supporters of the NJHS continue to learn and grow in a positive direction, so will the NJHS continue to flourish. 

    Please visit the NJHS website for more information! https://www.njhs.us/

    Source:  The National Junior Honor Society Handbook

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    What activities/events does the Skyview National Junior Honor Society run?

    - NJHS sponsors events within Skyview that promote the five NJHS pillars schoolwide: character, citizenship, leadership, service, and scholarship. 

    Examples: Student support groups, recycling program, donation drives, community partnership with elementary schools, school-wide trash clean up, projects that spread awareness to staff and students about important causes, teacher appreciation projects, etc.

    - NJHS completes outside service projects on the weekends.

    Examples: Group volunteering projects with care and share food bank, habitat for humanity, the humane society, etc. 

    - NJHS partners with other extra-curricular groups at Skyview such as WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) and Student Council

    Examples: School dances and community projects

    *Students may obtain service hours outside of school through any volunteering opportunity on their own as well.


    Current NJHS Members:

    All current NJHS members will need to turn in a signed copy of the Skyview Middle School Chapter Bylaws.

    Current NJHS members are required to:

    -Maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA or current school year GPA (which ever is higher.) Reports ran each quarter.

    -Attend at least two meetings per quarter

    -Work towards service hour requirement (30 hours in total due on the last day of school.)


    Requirements for Becoming a Member of the National Junior Honor Society

    Students interested in becoming NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) members need to have the following qualifications: 

    -Hold a high A/B GPA (3.75 or higher)

    -Demonstrate good leadership skills (or potential)

    -Have a record of excellent behavior (responsible, respectful, punctual, and prepared, etc.)

    -Have an exemplary attendance record

    -Show involvement and teamwork through cooperation/participation/discussion           

    These students will also be expected to participate in a selection process, which involves being recommended by one or more teachers (based on the above indicators), filling out application questions (pertaining to volunteer, leadership, character, and citizenship qualities), and being screened by a committee made up of the NJHS Faculty Council.  If they make it through the screening process, they will then be invited to attend an induction ceremony to become “fledgling” members. (Final selections will depend heavily on how highly they are recommended, and how thoroughly and thoughtfully students have filled out their application – in their own words.)  Not everyone will be invited, and not everyone who is invited is required to accept. 

    7th and 8th graders who were NJHS members the previous year are still considered current members, as long as they fulfilled all eligibilty requirements. This includes new SMS students who were members of the NJHS at their previous schools, and can provide proof of membership in good standing.  6th grade students are not eligible to become members until the 2nd semester of the school year.