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  • Principals to Parents

    Happy Fall! Time for cooler weather, conferences, Halloween, Fall Break and Veterans Day! Please remind your children to bring warm jackets and gloves for outdoor activities. Unless, it is very wet or very cold, we take our learners outside. Please remember to sign up at the District 49 Website for weather alerts, closures and delays. Communication between home and school is extremely critical towards providing an effective instructional environment for our children. As we prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences, we look forward to your insights regarding your child’s education and input about the school year. As a parent, you provide valuable information for your child’s classroom teacher, so they are better able to address your child’s needs. Our teachers truly appreciate your support that you give to your child in his/her education while at home. During your conference, your child’s teacher will be sharing information about district curricula, your child’s achievement, work habits, and peer relationships. Please feel free to write down any questions that you may have for the conference, so that you are able to get all your questions answered. Many have already signed up for conference times. If you have not, please sign up today. Please honor the time that you have scheduled. Conferences are back to back and we want to be prompt so, that other conferences are not delayed. Conferences are scheduled for October 4th, Wednesday evening and all day Thursday, October 5th. There is no school Thursday, October 5th and Friday, October 6. Enjoy a restful and safe Fall Break. Fall Break is October 9th through October 20th. We will resume school, Monday, October 23rd. Teachers will be contacting you directly regarding Halloween parties. The Parade and any parties are scheduled the last hour of the day to minimize learning distractions. To maintain student safety, parents will be required to sign in. Parade of Costumes begins at 2:00 on October 31st.

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  • Kindergarten October 2017

    To help our kindergarteners continue to be respectful, responsible, and safe, Ms. Padilla has been teaching them about Kelso. Kelso reminds them of strategies they can use to help solve small problems. See if they can tell you the difference between a small problem and a big problem! In CKLA we are finishing our short story domain and will be starting our plant domain after fall break. We have begun to learn letter sounds and letter formation, as well as how to blend sounds to make words. In math, we will begin our unit study of two and three dimensional shapes. And if you haven't already, try logging onto STMath and MyOn. These are great online resources to build and challenge your child's math and reading skills. We look forward to seeing you all at parent conferences and hope you all have a safe and relaxing fall break.

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  • First Grade, October 2017

    Academics for this month: CKLA Literacy Skills: We are continuing to work on segmenting and blending words every day. We are working on identifying common and proper nouns and printing letters and words. We have to started to progress monitor on reading fluency. Domain Listening and Learning: In our new domain (Different Lands, Similar Stories), in this domain your child will be introduced to three themes in folktales that have been told to children for generations, using variations from different lands or countries. Students will increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. They will also be exposed to different places and cultures from around the world and learn valuable universal lessons. Key vocabulary words: worthy, cautiously, monstrous, commotion, scarcely, deeds, cherished, cunning, and fright. Math Module 1: Decomposing Strategies for Subtraction. We are almost at the end of this module and will be taking our end of module 1 assessment. Students have made significant progress towards fluency with addition and subtraction of numbers to 10. They worked on drawing pictures and simple math drawing that involve subtracting 0 and 1 and subtracting the whole number and to conceptualize subtraction as finding a missing part. Writing: Our classes are working on writing complete sentences with correct punctuation and writing within the line. Reminders: The weather is beginning to change. Please remember to send your child with a jacket daily and to dress warm. Please remember to have your children practice reading on at home! Usernames are student numbers & passwords are abc123. Please turn in monthly reading logs too. :) A great way to practice math at home is by logging on to These lessons follow along with what we are learning in the classroom and align with our curriculum. Another way to practice math at home is through ST Math.

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  • Second Grade, October 2017

    Second grade is off to a good start learning about Ancient Greece and the many contributions this civilization made to our society today! In our Unit Lessons, students are practicing long vowel patterns, writing complete sentences, and reading fluency. The students are working on the ability to read, write, compare and identify numbers up to 1,000. Please encourage your child to practice math facts, as well as reading each night!

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  • Third Grade, October 2017

    In October, your third grader will be starting to learn about systems in the human body through reading and writing. In math we will finish up our module on measurement and step back into more multiplication and division- remember to practice those math facts!!! On October 27 we will have our first third grade field trip. We will be seeing a play, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. At this time, we will not need additional chaperones on the trip. Please continue reading each night for at least 20 minutes- practicing reading will pay off!! Finally, mark your calendars for October 26 as it will be Remington's annual Math night. Math night is from 5:30 to 6:30 and it will be split into separate sessions so that you can visit other grade levels if you have a need.

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  • Fourth Grade, October 2017

    We are well into the swing of things in fourth grade. In literacy we have moved away from personal narratives, focused on Middle Ages and will be moving on to Poetry soon. The hierarchy of the feudal system was an emphasis and we learned about important European battles and the Crusades. Students worked on persuasive paragraphs, taking notes and paraphrasing. In math, students have worked on metric unit conversions to deepen their knowledge of the base 10 number system. Now we are moving onto a large unit of multiplication. Science is focused on ecosystems. Native Americans of the Colorado region will be our focus in social studies.

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  • Fifth Grade, October 2017

    Fifth grade continues to work through curriculum in language arts, math, and social studies. Ask your child how our U.S. Constitution guards against tyranny. They have been researching The Federalist Papers by James Madison and the Constitution itself in order to answer this question. In math students are looking at a variety of ways to understand the math concepts of commutative and associative properties for multiplication. And, in language arts we've started our poetry unit, and despite moans and groans when the subject was introduced, they are actually enjoying it. *Very important: Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up. Look for a link in your emails to sign-up for a time slot. It's hard to believe that the first quarter of the school year is coming to an end. Also note that fall break is just around the corner. Yay! -Fifth Grade

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  • Art, October 2017

    As we approach the Fall season, students are gearing up for a school-wide installment based on Mexico’s famous holiday, “Los Dias de Los Muertos”, or “Days of the Dead”. Each grade level will be taught the meaning and origin of this harvest festival, which began in the state of Puebla, and is now an official holiday in every city and village in Mexico. Kindergarten will be creating small sugar skull-style 2-dimensional skeletons with glitter to imitate the real sugar skulls sold in the markets in Mexico throughout the month of October. First grade will be completing a larger version of these, with papel picado, or “pierced paper” decorations and tissue marigolds. Second grade will create large-scale mariachis using the parts of the skeleton to guide them in creating a arealistic calavera.. Third grade will create oil pastel Calaveras, using the oil pastel blending technique to create the appearance of three-dimensions. Fourth grade will be learning about value and shading to create a realistic mariachi calavera, complete with sombrero and musical instrument. After our fifth graders complete their “Talavera Clay Animals” from Mexico, they will be learning about the famous Mexican printmaker, Andre Guadalupe Posada, as they create a real print of one of his works which depicts everyday Mexican life, with smiling skeletons in place of real people.

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  • PE, October 2017

    We will be practicing the fundamentals of volleyball- serving, passing, setting, and hitting. We will practice skills for two days and then play games on the third.

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  • PLTW Program

    As the first quarter draws to an exciting end, we are ready to celebrate some of the great successes in science. The kindergartners have been working hard on learning about structure and function, computer programming basics, and the Human body. Our first-grade scientists have been busy at mastering Scratch Jr., using light and sound to communicate, and measuring the patterns of the sun, moon and stars. The intermediate grades have been chipping away at the scientific inquiry process and computer programming. Keep up the great work everybody.

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