District 49 Dispatch

The District 49 Dispatch is a community newspaper published quarterly by the district's communications department. It's made possible through a partnership between District 49 and the Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group. District 49's strategic plan requires dedicated attention on building and maintaining trust within the district's community, including a transparent reporting on the use of taxpayer resources for educational programs.

District 49 Dispatch
Any district employee or community member can suggest a story for the District 49 communications team to cover, for possible inclusion in the next edition of the Dispatch, by submitting a communications plan. Anyone can submit an idea in an effort to help share the district's story. Priority is placed on story ideas that highlight the people of public education, like why a teacher or a student is leading a new opportunity. Good stories focus on people, and why they do what they do, more than events and organizations, and what they do.
The district's newspaper is currently delivered to every mailbox in the district, funded through advertising. To advertise, contact Tammy Fogall by sending a message to, or calling 719.329.5220.