Student Handbook 2019-2020

  • Falcon Middle School is dedicated to the intellectual, physiological, and social/emotional development of students during the transition from childhood to adolescence. While working as a part of a continuum of educational services, we recognize the uniqueness of these students and provide educational programs that are centered around the needs of these early adolescents.
    We believe in the mastery of basic academic skills, complemented by a program of specialized and exploratory activities stressing inquiry and creativity. These programs are primarily designed to allow active participation and will result in positive educational experiences for all involved.
    Falcon Middle School believes in a positive educational climate and stands for the development of positive relationships between students, parents, and educators while learning courtesy, responsibility, and consideration for others. We utilize Positive Behavior Intervention Support and work to ensure Firebirds RISE.
    Falcon Middle School Parents/Guardians:

    This handbook has been carefully prepared to explain and clarify the procedures and policies at Falcon Middle School. You are urged to contact any staff member if you have questions. 
    Falcon Middle School Students:

    Welcome to Falcon Middle School for the new school year! We encourage you to become involved in the many programs and activities that have been planned to help you learn and grow in order to become the best person possible. Middle school is a time for you to begin to take responsibility for your own education. You will be challenged to organize yourself; to get the most out of every class; and to ask questions if you do not understand or need clarification. Your teachers are there to assist you; ask them for help. Arrange to see them before or after school and take advantage of various programs offered by FMS. Your willingness to put forth the extra effort that it takes to achieve your best, will lead to personal rewards for you.

    This handbook includes a summary of school rules and expectations. You are expected to know and follow these rules. Specific/additional policies may be in effect for explore classes and grade level teams.