Pikes Peak Early College Courses

  • Pikes Peak Early College is an online and blended learning high school focused on empowering a diverse student population through individualized learning paths, personal educational growth, and college and career readiness advising. PPEC provides students a high quality blended online college preparatory experience with affordable, flexible and individualized choices aligned to college and career goals. PPEC will provide rigorous expectations that foster critical thinking skills with expansive learning opportunities for every student. Our core values revolve around the belief that learning occurs when students feel valued and engaged in the learning process.

    This registration guide is designed in alignment with our mission and vision, in an attempt to offer our students a rigorous course of study. Parents play a crucial role as a guide for their students through high school and collaborating with them to make the best academic choices that are in sync with their postsecondary plans. Students on a college pathway must be self advocates and plan their pathway with input and guidance. We ask that parents work with their students to understand their schedule but allow the decision making to be the burden of the student.

    When you have questions, please contact the counselor. We urge each student to consider carefully the course of study for next year. Please use the Colorado Career Cluster to assist in thinking about your ICAP, postsecondary plans and your four-year planning guide as you align a course of study to meet your goals.

    All students are required to sign up for six classes per semester. If you have demonstrated college readiness you must schedule a one on one with the college advisor and you cannot enroll in college course without approval. You will be financially liable if you do not have approval from the advisor.

PPEC Course Guide