HR Overview


    District 49's human resources team is here to serve the district’s staff and administration. Every employee is important to the success of our school system. The HR team builds value in our schools by supporting learners, workers and leaders, and creating an environment where all can thrive. We're committed to attracting excellent staff members, talented teachers and top administrators to become an important part of the best district to learn, work and lead.

    Learn about the human resources services we provide here.

    Contact us by calling 719.495.1100, or using this form.

Paul Andersen
Human Resources Director
Phone: 719.495.1156
Melanie White
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 719.495.1101
Nicole Evans
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 719.494.8981
Amy Mock
Senior Staffing Specialist
Phone: 719.494.8982
Lisa Cheney
Leave Specialist
Phone: 719.494.8992
Sarina Cosgriff
Staffing Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1198
Sarah Glauvitz
Senior Staffing Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1139
Michaela Vanderheiden
Staffing Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1156
Sandra Nemer
Human Resources Reporting Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1110
Tiffany Copple
Attendance and Substitute Staffing Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1115
Christine Verhoeven
Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 719.495.1100
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