Ascent To Excellence Overview

  • Ascent To Excellence District 49 is going to climb Pikes Peak this summer!
    District 49 is on a journey of continuous improvement through the national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Baldrige framework was created through the U.S. Department of Commerce, via Congress, in the 1980s to:
    • identify and recognize role-model businesses
    • establish criteria for evaluating improvement efforts
    • disseminate and share best practices
    Our initial work in 2014-2015 resulted in the submission of an application to Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence, the regional affiliate of the national award. While the application resulted in District 49 receiving a Foothills Award, in reality, our journey is in its initial stages. The commitment to excellence through cycles of learning, working and leading continues to filter down through our organization.
    Pikes Peak As part of our official, organization wide kick-off to performance excellence, a team from District 49 is going to climb Pikes Peak in the summer of 2016. America's Mountain is the metaphor we are using for our journey to peak performance. Climbing the actual peak will represent the teamwork required of us, the commitment to prepare for and train for the journey, and the work required of us to reach our peak.
    Hikers have signed up and are preparing for the July 18 journey. If you'd like to provide support to the climbers by assisting on one of our volunteer support teams, please learn more and sign up on the Ascent to Excellence Volunteer Form page