• Vista Ridge HS Summer School 2022

    Summer School for the 2021/2022 school year will be a 6-week session for current Vista Ridge HS students.  The virtual courses will be offered through the Edgenuity online program.  These online credit recovery courses are for classes failed only.  Year-long and semester courses are being offered.

    There is a $50 non-refundable registration fee.  So, students should check with their grade level counselor for credit recovery recommendations.  An enrollment confirmation email will be sent once payment has been received.  Please contact the Bookkeeper, Ms. Courtney Wheeler  cwheeler@d49.org  to make payment arrangements.  For questions regarding our Summer School program, please contact Mrs. Allen-Wells at dallenwells@d49.org

    Grade Level Counselors

    9th Grade: Devin Allen dallen@d49.org

    10th Grade: Alexis Corral acorral@d49.org

    11th Grade: Stephen Anderson stlanderson@d49.org

    12th Grade: Anna Kelle akelle@d49.org


    Please click this google form link to register:

    2021-2022 VRHS Summer School Registration Google Form

    • Athletic Eligibility Fall Sports 2022:

    For students who fail a second-semester course and plan to participate in fall athletics (football, volleyball, softball, cross country, boys golf, or boys soccer) for 2022, it is recommended they take summer school to recover any credits.  A student who fails a second-semester course and chooses not to take credit recovery over the summer will be academically ineligible for a portion of the fall season. 

    Course Guidelines

    Courses are online through the Edgenuity platform. All course instruction is provided by a virtual Edgenuity teacher. Please view this Orientation Video for some tips on how to successfully navigate Edgenuity and complete the courses. In order to complete a course, all activities including the Cumulative Exam Review must be submitted. You are encouraged to  in a notebook or saved as Edgenuity eNotes for use when completion graded activities. There are Edgenuity fill in the blank Guided Notes are available at the beginning of each lesson as well. 

    The Passing Threshold is 70% for graded attempts. There are 3 attempts to reach the Passing Threshold for quizzes and tests. Retakes will be added for quizzes and tests until the threshold is reached.  Each failed quiz attempt should be reviewed by clicking on the score before each retake. Once Cumulative Exam Review and Actual Grade scores meet or exceed passing threshold of 70%, the Cumulative Exam will be bypassed to mark course completed. The courses will be added to students' transcripts with a P(pass) for the grade. 

    Student Expectations

    The expectations and requirements for successful completion of credit recovery courses are as follows:

    • Access to a computer or chromebook
    • Login  Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 12:00pm during the 6 week session to complete the assigned activities.  Each course requires ~ 1.5 hours time commitment
    • Attendance will be monitored
    • Submit all activities including the Cumulative Exam Review in each course
    • Cumulative Exam Review and Actual Grade scores must be 70% or higher to complete a course

    Registration Form Information

    Summer School is for classes failed during this or previous school year. Before making course selections, please check with the grade level counselor to confirm credit recovery courses needed. The recommended course selection is no more than 2 year long or 4 semester courses. The requirements for completing the courses are the following:

    - Daily login Monday through Friday for the 6 week session

    - Complete assigned activities in each course spending at least 1 hour for each semester course

    - Score 70% or higher on all activities

    - Submit all activities including Cumulative Exam Review in each course by 2:00 pm Friday, July 15, 2022

    Course Options

    Year long courses can be taken as well as semester only.


    • English I 
    • English II 
    • English III 
    • English IV 


    • Algebra I 
    • Algebra II 
    • Applied Algebra I
    • Applied Algebra II 
    • Geometry 
    • Applied Geometry 
    • Basic Statistics
    • Personal Finance


    • Biology 
    • Chemistry 
    • Earth Science 
    • Life Science
    • Physical Science

    Social Studies

    • American Govt
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Civics
    • US History
    • World History


    • Health