2016 Summer Credit Recovery Program

Credit recovery programs aim to help more high school students graduate by giving those who have fallen behind the chance to "recover" credits. Credit recovery refers to a student passing, and receiving credit for, a course that the student previously attempted but was unsuccessful in earning academic credit towards graduation. The student can then "recover" the credit by satisfying requirements for the course in which they were unsuccessful, and can focus on earning credit based on competency of the content standards for that particular course.

Our credit recovery summer program is designed for high school students, grades 9-12, who are credit deficient, or not on track to graduate. The last summer program took place June 1-27, 2016, at Vista Ridge High School (6888 Black Forest Drive in Colorado Springs). All coursework was due no later than 9:30 p.m. on Monday, June 27, 2016. Extensions past June 27 were not be granted.

Deadline for registration was May 31, 2016.


Deadline for initial enrollment is Tuesday, May 31. Our students may register for up to three courses requiring credit recovery, or the courses determined by their school counselor. They can only complete one course at a time, so they only get billed for one course at a time. If time permits before the end of summer school, students will be enrolled and billed for other courses they requested. To process a registration, all fields on the registration form must be filled out, and the “submit” button on the bottom of the page must be clicked.

Paying Costs

Our credit recovery summer program costs $100 per semester course. A fee is posted to the student's account in Infinite Campus after an enrollment is processed. Parents only need to sign into their parent portal account and follow the prompts. Parent portal information is available here, and assistance with an account is available here. Once a parent signs into their parent portal, the 2015-2016 summer school tuition fee is posted in the payment section. Out-of-district families, or those preferring not to pay online, must pay during orientation. The accepted forms of in-person payment include cash, money order or cashier’s check. Money orders and checks must be for $100 and addressed to "D49 Summer School 2016." We cannot accept debit or credit cards in person.

During the summer, District 49 accepts payment for one credit recovery course at a time. When a student successfully completes a course, and it is determined there are enough days remaining in summer school to complete another course, the student can be enrolled in an additional course. Please remember that students will be dropped from a course if a payment isn't made in time.

Available Courses

Prior to registering, contact your counselor for the correct courses to enroll. District 49 provides highly qualified teachers in the Vista Ridge High School library each day as student support coaches and mentors for each of the four core content areas. Remember, a student must have failed a course before taking it as a credit recovery course. Refunds will not be granted for students registering for incorrect courses.
Language Arts
 Social Studies
  • English 1A; English 1B *
  • English 2A; English 2B *
  • English 3A; English 3B *
  • English 4A; English 4B *
* A novel will be required reading. Novels are housed in Schoology credit recovery resources. Course requires the writing of numerous essays and other papers.
  • American Government *
  • American History A; American History B
  • Economics *
  • Geography A; Geography B
  • World History A; World History B
* One semester course only
  • Algebra 1A; Algebra1B
  • Algebra 2A; Algebra 2B
  • Geometry A; Geometry B
  • Biology A; Biology B
  • Earth Science A; Earth Science B
  • Physical Science A; Physical Science B

  • Health *
  • Physical Education *
  • Spanish 1A; Spanish 1B **
* One semester course only
** Requires headphones and microphone
A = 1st Semester
B = 2nd Semester

Required Orientation, Available Labs

Students are required to attend a two-hour orientation session between June 1-3, Wednesday through Friday. If they were in ninth grade in 2015-2016, they must attend 7:30-9:30 a.m. Prior 10th-graders attend 10 a.m. to noon, followed with 11th-graders and 12th-graders attending from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Students only attend one orientation, and can choose either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Students who do not attend a two-hour orientation will be dropped from the summer school roster, unless prior arrangements were made with the program coordinator.

From June 6-27, students may work on their coursework with one of our highly qualified teachers Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. Regardless of their grade level, they can participate in this open lab tutoring time in the Vista Ridge High School library for as long as they need, or keep working from home. To earn credit, each student must successfully complete all coursework with a cumulative grade of at least 59.5 percent by June 27. All assignments must be submitted for grading.

Summer School Overview

For many students, summer is an opportunity to continue courses as part of an academic program, or simply for professional or personal development purposes. For the latter, parents and students can browse our summer opportunities page. Participation in summer programs may have substantial beneficial effects on a child's educational progress. For remedial purposes, elementary and middle school families should first consult their teachers for recommendations. High school students who've fallen behind should register for the district's summer credit recovery program to get back on track for graduation. When registration is open, links to online forms are available at on each high school's website.
Jim Bonavita
Online Learning Coordinator
Office: 719.491.4033