• Vista Ridge HS Summer School 2019

    Credit Recovery Expectations: 
    -Students can take one course at a time
    -Students can take a second course once the first course is complete
    -There will be on campus support after the second day once a week in order to proctor final tests,
    all other support with instructors will be given via online communication
    -Attendance will be taken via participation online
    -Summer School is set to begin on June 3rd
    -Each course will cost $100.00

    Payment is due to Courtney Wheeler, Vista Ridge Bookkeeper, by May 31, 2019. 
    Please contact Courtney at cwheeler@d49.org for any financial questions.

    Summer School questions should be directed to James Dove at jdove@d49.org.

    Here again is the link for the google sign-up form: