•  Falcon High School Summer Mastery Recovery 

    June 8 - 26, 2020   or  July 6 – July 24, 2020

    Please register using the following link!  


    Why Choose Summer School? •

    • Stay on track for graduation
    • Become eligible for athletics and activities
    • Recoup credits in order to take a full load of grade-level classes next year

    Benefits of Summer School  •

    • Two Three week  Summer Program for FHS students
    • Two sessions to choose from
    • Online Support Monday through 
    • Thursday 9 am to 12 pm
    • Courses available 24/7 online
    • Quality online mastery-based curriculum


    Please find more information on course options here!  


    Program Details •

    First Session Summer School courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Monday, June 8th through Friday, June 26th. Courses will close June 26th at 4 pm. Second Session Summer School courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Monday, July 6th through Friday, July 24th. Courses will close July 24th at 4 pm. English I and II run the full summer. Completion of 1 semester of each of the English classes is possible during the summer session. 

    • There will be no extensions. 
    • Courses are designed to meet the specific needs of individual students; however, due to the nature of the online curriculum, the curriculum cannot be modified. 
    • Case management of IEPs is not available during the summer session.


    Program Description •

    Falcon High School uses Schools PLP as an accredited program and is approved by District 49 to meet graduation requirements. Courses may be NCAA approved. Students should check with their counselor if they plan to play college athletics. 

      • Technical support is available during the open FHS teacher hours, Monday through Friday from 9 am – 12 pm during the session windows. 


    • Students must find their own internet access.


    • Please note that additional work time outside of these hours will be necessary to complete the course work within the allotted three-week term. 
    • Students must have internet and computer access. 

    Students must register on or before June 3rd. Late registration will not be accepted due to the short nature of the Summer School Program.  There are no refunds, even if a student does not finish a course. All grades, pass or fail, will appear on student transcripts.


    Eligibility and Course Selection •

    Students must currently be enrolled at FHS and need to retake a course for grade/skill improvement or credit.  

    • All summer school participants should consult with his/her school counselor prior to enrolling in Summer School. 
    • Counselors can help students select appropriate courses.  
    • Staff strongly discourages students from attempting to complete both the A and B parts of a course in the short summer school term. 

    The structure and course content are determined to align significantly, but not completely with FHS classes. The coursework and requirements through Schools PLP are determined by Schools PLP. FHS accepts 70% / C or better to transcribe credit.

    Student Responsibilities •

    Earning a semester credit (0.5 credit) in three weeks is not a task to be taken lightly. It will require a significant time commitment. Time online varies for each student, depending on the previous level of engagement with course content. Students can expect to spend 15 to 20 hours per week on each course. Students and families are encouraged to work together to accomplish this task.

    Registration Process •

    1. Speak with your counselor to determine which course(s) to take
    2. Complete the registration form and pay for the course before 3 pm, June 3rd.
    3. Receive a confirmation email of enrollment and login information by Wednesday, June 3rd.

    All payments must be made in POWERSCHOOL, our online payment system. Payment must be received by June 3rd to be processed.  NOTE: IT MAY TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS FOR YOUR SUMMER SCHOOL FEE TO SHOW ON YOUR RYCOR ACCOUNT FOR ACCESSIBILITY OF PAYMENT.

    Summer School Contact Information

    Summer School Administator:  Rosella Anderson: randerson@d49.org



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rosella Anderson