Creekside Success Center

Creekside Success Center Overview

District 49
Creekside Success Center is a multi-purpose District 49 facility located at 3850 Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs. The building is on the southwest corner of North Carefree Circle and Peterson Road. The building is home to a broad combination of District 49 offices and service centers.

The second story of the building is leased by Pikes Peak Community College. PPCC offers classes at Creekside for all District 49 students participating in concurrent enrollment and all members of the community on the east side of Colorado Springs and El Paso County.
District 49 CSC Offices & Services
Central Enrollment  Concurrent Enrollment
Preschool Sand Creek Zone Superintendent 
Child Find
iConnect Zone Superintendent 
Vision & Hearing Screening
English Language Development
Excell Program Gifted and Talented Education 
Student Information System Support

Pikes Peak Community College at CSC
Enrollment   Course Information 
Any PPCC student may attend courses at the Creekside Success Center. We expect many students to be Concurrent Enrollment from District 49 and District 11 high schools. Students must still adhere to placement requirements as applicable for course registration. Any adult students who receive financial aid will be able to attend this location.  The initial Creekside Success Center schedule will begin with 10 to 15 courses in spring 2016. General education courses will be the initial focus at Creekside and courses will be largely applicable to an associates of arts degree, but may also be valid for other PPCC degrees. Additional courses will be added as the location grows and will be approved through instructional divisions and departments. Get more information from the PPCC website.