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    Peak Partners is for business and community leaders in the Pikes Peak region who want to learn more about current efforts and programs used in community schools to educate the next generation.
    Are we delivering for you? Are you getting what you need from your school district? Are we reinforcing the values of your faith community? Are we serving the military family well and providing a learning environment that soldiers don't worry about when they are deployed?
    Peak Partners is for creative, skilled and motivated people who want to share thoughts and ideas with their school district. It's an opportunity to learn about being a community leader, and being able to use their leadership skills at work and in their community. It's an opportunity for an in-depth exploration of District 49's organization and educational programs, inside and beyond the classroom, and its potential as a leader in public education. The District 49 Peak Partners program is a Board of Education-sponsored initiative that strives to educate and inform non-district affiliated residents about the importance of their school district being the best choice to learn, work and lead.
    The Peak Partners program is based on the bedrocks of the District 49 strategic plan:
    Peak Partners Strategic Initiative will help re-establishing District 49 as a trustworthy recipient of taxpayer investment. It will demonstrate that the district's leadership genuinely believes their community members want to support education. It will, display that District 49 is efficient, does the right things and does things the right way. It will demonstrate D49 is trustworthy.
    Peak Partners Strategic Initiative will help District 49 engage with its community by establishing a presence outside district offices and schools, as well as connecting with local agencies and nonprofit organizations. The program will feature D49 facilities, insights and professional partners in advancing education and strengthening community bonds. Peak Partners Strategic Initiative will also facilitate connections between D49’s patrons to be present in schools and programs with the intent of developing reciprocal relationships that offer a powerful multiplier for student success.
    The initiative consists of two phases, Peak Partners Leadership Academy and Peak Partners Neighborhood Teams. The two phases will gather partner organizations and community leaders,  provide in-depth exposure and education about District 49 and build a base of motivated advocates to advance district engagement.
     7 engagement sessions for participants and D49 to learn about each other and share ideas about building the best district to learn, work and lead.
     An ongoing empowerment of Peak Partners Leadership Academy graduates engaging with the

Peak Partners Leadership Academy Flier

  • PPLA Flier

    Are you interested in attending the Peak Partners Leadership Academy? Do you know someone in your neighborhood or workplace that would benefit from learning more about community leadership or has an interest to do more for the community through involvement in educating the next generation? Download and share the Peak Partners Leadership Academy flier.

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David Nancarrow
Director of Communications