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    We appreciate your time and feedback. It's Thursday, September 29, 2022, and this survey was scheduled to close September 30. Due to an error last weekend, it will remain available until Friday, Oct. 7.

    The time now is 1:01 AM, and you can expect to complete this survey in roughly 5-10 minutes. If possible, please allow additional time for answering a final open-ended question.

    Falcon Zone leaders are committed to increasing two-way communication to broaden understanding and strengthen our community. Your feedback is valuable in helping us fulfill that commitment.

    Our mission is to achieve excellence through a collective responsibility for student learning. Our vision is that all members of the Falcon Zone community feel respected, accepted and valued as we work together for students. Academic success is a priority for all students.

    By completing this short 5- to 7-minute survey, you can help us be better informed about your opinions and ideas for our schools. In knowing your thoughts, we can respond in ways that better meet the community’s needs. If possible, please allow additional time for answering a couple of open-ended questions.

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