• To create your Parent Portal account, simply follow the steps listed below.


    To get started, please click on the link below  You may also find the login location by going to D49.org.

    PowerSchool Parent Portal

    1.  Click on Create an Account

    2.  Enter your information and create a username and password of your choosing.

    3.  Enter your student's first and last name.

    4.  Enter Parent Access ID and Password (not the students Access ID)

    District ID for the Mobile App:  QGGB

    PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already created a portal account for another student in our district (does not include charter schools BLPA, RMCA, and ICA) you will log in to your existing account and under the Navigation column select account preferences, then click on the student tab and click add.  From here you will add your student by entering their name, Access ID and Password, and your relationship.


    PowerSchool Parent Portal Creation Guide