COVID Response


    • The following preventative measures we should all follow restore us to a more “standard” posture about health conditions and health privacy. While on campus or visiting our buildings, wear a mask if you wish, maintain respectful and appropriate distance and wash hands frequently.

    • Masks

      • Masks are not required on any of our campuses. We know some will still feel comfortable wearing masks at school, and we respect the personal preference to do so. 

    • Social distancing 

      • We encourage our staff, students and visitors to maintain respectful and appropriate physical distance.

    • Hygiene/Hand Washing 

      • We will continue to encourage frequent hand-washing while we resume our traditional schedule of cleaning and sanitizing our buildings and campuses. 

    • Stay Home

      • We encourage students or staff who are sick to stay home and return when you feel better! 


    Individuals who test positive should follow guidance for isolation from El Paso County Health. At this time, school nurses continue to report positive cases to county health. School administrators, in coordination with school nurses, will determine when it is appropriate to communicate information to their community - following communicable disease processes. For more specific information, please see the Illness/COVID Information for 2022-2023 from our Nursing Services team.


    Updated August 2022

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