D49 Update | Launching the Spring Semester

  • Hello D49 community and workforce family; welcome to 2022!

    As staff return on January 5th, and students on the 6th, we will operate under the same protocols as before the winter break. Especially in light of the omicron surge, we are monitoring public health conditions and preparing to make school-based and classroom decisions about the best option for safe operations.

    We are aware of new and changing guidance from the CDC as well as El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH). That guidance may reduce the impact of isolation for positive, but asymptomatic individuals. 

    In District 49, we will continue to emphasize that sick people should stay home and healthy people should come to school or work. We especially ask parents and guardians to develop plans to pick up your child in case they become ill while at school. We will continue to accommodate sick students with excused absences and our workforce with standard sick leave.

    Although D49 will not direct quarantines or isolation, we will refer families and staff to EPCPH for additional information. The updated guidance that EPCPH will communicate to individuals who test positive, is posted below: 

    • Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 should isolate  
    • The following applies to all positive cases, regardless of vaccination status: 
      • Stay home for five days. 
      • If the individual has no symptoms on day five, they can return to school/work the following day with masks recommended through day 10. 
      • If the individual continues to have symptoms, they must isolate through day 10 after symptom onset. 
      • If they have a fever, continue to stay home until the fever is resolved for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.

    Individuals who have exposure to COVID-19 and are not symptomatic, follow quarantine guidance from your primary care provider. District 49 does not direct quarantine for asymptomatic individuals, and while we respect that individuals may choose to quarantine, isolate, or mask—those are personal decisions made in consultation with trusted medical providers, and do not constitute any district mandate.

    We recognize that the sheer volume of omicron cases may impact our ability to sustain minimum staffing levels, but that phenomenon is likely to be localized, so we will coordinate any adjustments to schedules and operations at the school level unless we see more widespread patterns in the days ahead.

    We recommend all families double-check that their contact information is correct and up-to-date in PowerSchool (https://d49.powerschool.com) to receive timely information through our regular communication channels.

    Thank you for persevering through this difficult season, and thank you for joining us in making 2022 the best it can be!


    Peter Hilts
    Chief Education Officer

    Brett Ridgway 
    Chief Business Officer

    Pedro Almeida 
    Chief Operations Officer



District 49 Leadership on Local COVID Response

  • August, 19, 2021

    In District 49, we saw first-hand the damaging effects of an overzealous quarantine regimen during the 20-21 school year. Despite aggressive masking, tracing, and quarantine protocols, our community still endured multiple waves of variants and transmission, including widespread displacement into online learning. Ultimately, not a single child in our district died from COVID, and very few required hospitalization—fewer than in a typical flu season. Meanwhile, our larger community lost 15 youth to suicide, and the Colorado Children’s hospital issued a “State of Emergency” for youth mental health, declaring in May that, “we are seeing our pediatric emergency departments and our inpatient units overrun with kids attempting suicide and suffering from other forms of major mental health illness."

    In light of these severe impacts, we are grateful to Governor Polis and the state health system for acknowledging that local school districts are best positioned to provide leadership for quarantine protocols. We now have 18 months of direct experience with the actual impacts of transmission, infection, and quarantine. It is our judgement, backed by months of student and community observation and interaction, with corresponding experiential data, that the risks of quarantine far outweigh the risks of the disease. That is why we will not facilitate voluntary reporting and contact tracing that are designed to direct healthy individuals into quarantine and isolation.

    Despite public mischaracterization to the contrary, our practice complies with guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

    In a press conference on Wednesday, August 18, Governor Polis asserted that schools must report all cases. “That is the law. That is unambiguous.” In response to Governor Polis’ assertion, we respectfully disagree that the guidance is unambiguous. For example, current state guidance, available at https://covid19.colorado.gov/practical-guide-for-operationalizing-cdc-school-guidance


    Clinical labs and/or health care providers are required to report all COVID-19 test results, both positive and negative, to public health. If school personnel perform and interpret rapid testing on-site, they are functioning as a clinical lab and are required to report all results. Schools and child care facilities are also encouraged to report single cases of which they become aware to their local public health agency, even if testing was performed elsewhere. (emphasis added)

    In all cases where anyone reports a single positive result, the lab or medical provider is obligated to report that condition. It is not the school’s responsibility to take on the reporting responsibility of a testing lab or medical provider. We are not qualified or equipped to make medical determinations, so we decline to pass on secondhand, unverified information or rumors about who may have COVID.

    In his remarks, Governor Polis was quite clear that implementing quarantines is a school district decision. He said, “Quarantine protocols...we give the best guidance to districts and it is up to them to implement” and  “The quarantine protocols we have the guidance and it is at the school districts [level] how to implement that.” However, in El Paso County, the health department is directing staff and students to isolate and quarantine, despite the governor’s assertion that quarantine decisions are a district prerogative. The contradiction between the Governor and county messaging creates ambiguity, which we resolve by exercising local leadership.

    We continue to collaborate closely with El Paso County Public Health, including daily consultation about reported cases and transmission. If staff or families are concerned about their status, we recommend they consult directly with a medical professional who can conduct conclusive testing and make any required medical reports. 

    Because schools are gathering places for our community, we may experience a cluster of positive cases. We believe it is misleading to call those incidents an “outbreak” because the school is almost never the source of the transmission. However, if the cluster of cases includes five different households, we do discuss that information with county health so they can determine whether or not to declare a public health outbreak.

    We inform our staff and our district families if they are exposed to individuals who report positive for COVID-19. We trust those individuals to make decisions that match their values and level of sensitivity. For some in our community, the current level of exposure justifies wearing masks in public. By direct observation, we can confirm that for the overwhelming majority of parents, students, and staff in District 49, current transmission levels and exposure potential do not justify universal masking.

    In District 49, we appreciate the protection afforded by multiple vaccine options, and we respect that some individuals may choose not to vaccinate. When vaccines become available to our younger students, we will host mobile vaccination sites just as we have for students older than 12. We also continue to encourage strong personal hygiene practices, rigorous school cleaning schedules, and of course—for everyone to stay home when sick until fully recovered. We have been operating on those protocols since June 1, through weeks of summer school and now three weeks of in-person instruction. We have detected and responded to individual cases by following common-sense measures without sending healthy individuals into unnecessary and disruptive quarantines.

    Far from ignoring science or safety, we have determined that overreacting to the possibility of transmission has been bad for learning, bad for mental health, and ultimately far worse for our students than the low-level medical risk of a virus that rarely causes any significant issues for children. As our county health department said in their community update on August 17, “While children can contract COVID-19, the local rates of hospitalization remain much lower than other age groups.” This insight is confirmed by Colorado hospitals, which indicate that child infections with both RSV and Rhinovirus (common cold) are more prevalent than COVID-19. (Denver Gazette, 08-18-21)

    We urge the District 49 family to remain informed and attentive to conditions in our community. We also commit to model respect for people on all sides of these issues, when we agree—and especially when we don’t.

    On behalf of our Board of Education and district leadership,

    Peter Hilts,
    Chief Education Officer


Return to Learn, Fall 2021

  • Welcome back, D49!

    We’re looking forward to the first week of August as we get back to work for school year ‘21-’22. We hope you had a restful summer, and we are excited about getting back to the full schedule, in-person learning we resumed this spring. 

    As we prepare for the big day (first full day is August 3 for most of our schools), D49 Chief Education Officer Peter Hilts is sharing some important information about our return to learn.  

    Key Takeaways

    • Mask wearing is not required on any of our campuses. We know some will still feel comfortable wearing masks at school, and we respect the personal preference to do so. 
    • We will not enforce social distancing measures, but we encourage our staff, students and visitors to maintain respectful and appropriate physical distance.
    • We will continue to encourage frequent hand-washing while we resume our traditional schedule of cleaning and sanitizing our buildings and campuses. 
    • We will manage illness-based quarantines at the school and district level while keeping staff, families and our public health partners informed. As we would during any school year, we encourage students or staff who are sick to stay home and return when you feel better! 


    We understand the strain this season of learning has placed on all of us. D49’s Community Care team is equipped to offer social emotional support anytime. Please take a few minutes to learn more about our team on their webpage.

    We are once again encouraging all who qualify, or may qualify for the Free and Reduced Benefits Program to apply or reapply by September 13. For a complete overview and to access the application, please visit the Free and Reduced Benefits Program page. 

    If you have questions, or would like to take advantage of our excellent bus service, please visit the D49 Transportation page for more information. 

    Thank you for your time and attention. We’ll see you all soon!



Please keep students home if they don’t feel well

  • Dear D49 Families, 

    We want to share a friendly reminder that sending learners to school requires at-home health screening every day.  

    Along with the excitement of reuniting and getting to know each other in our return to in-person learning, we are already experiencing the challenges of illness in our classrooms. As we are seeing, even minor symptoms can have significant ripple effects to our return to in-person learning. Guidance from our partners at El Paso County Public Health supports our nursing staff as they assess children showing COVID-like symptoms at school, and also informs their appropriate response, which in some cases requires sending home cohorts of learners and school staff.


    Parents can help! Please keep students home if they don’t feel well, or are experiencing symptoms in the following checklists: 

    Symptoms Observed or Reported: 


    1 or more MAJOR SYMPTOMS

      Feeling feverish, having chills or temp of 100.4F or greater

      New or unexplained persistent cough

      New or unexplained shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

      Loss of sense of taste or smell


    2 or more MINOR SYMPTOMS

       Sore throat

       Runny nose or congestion

       Muscle or body aches

       Headache

       Fatigue

       Nausea, vomiting

       Diarrhea


    EMERGENCY COVID-19 WARNING SIGNS include: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake or stay awake, bluish lips or face. Seek medical attention immediately by calling 911. 

    Students should stay home if they are experiencing: 

    1 or more major symptoms and/or 2 or more minor symptoms indicated on the table above. 

    This, and more useful information may be found on the D49 Nursing Services webpage. We encourage all of our families to become familiar with this process. Paired with our system of safety protocols, following these steps will give D49 our best chance at making this school year the safe and memorable one we know it can be. 

    Thank you for your time, understanding, and enduring trust.


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