Horizon Middle School Courses

  • Horizon Middle School promotes academics that support the Colorado Academic Standards, while nurturing different perspectives and learner dispositions. We have adopted behaviors and mindframes that maximize student learning which include: :

    • The importance of assessment and feedback for teachers and students
    • Working collaboratively and fostering the sense of community
    • 'The notion that learning should be challenging
    • Engaging in dialogue and the correct balance between talking and listening
    • Conveying what success looks like to learners
    • Building positive relationships

    At Horizon, students receive the academic support that they need. Through our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), we are able to identify which students need which supports. The MTSS process is a system that allows staff, including administrators and counselors, to communicate about student supports and interventions on an ongoing basis. Students may receive additional literacy and math support through targeted intervention classes that are embedded during the school day and after-school programs designed to support academic needs. We also offer time for academic support during the day and after-school study lab for students needing additional time and assistance.

HMS Course Guide