Little Free Library

  • Logan Clemens Ridgeview Elementary School received a mini grant in November 2014 to bring the first Little Free Library to District 49. The Falcon Education Foundation awarded Maura Nordberg, a school psychologist, for her “Reaching Out With Literacy” project. Her grant contained three components: Getting books into the hands of newborn siblings, adding books to the school’s Giving Tree program and establishing a Little Free Library.

    With a quickly growing emphasis on literacy, especially access to literature from birth, “we want to get more books into our community,” said Nordberg. "The whole plan is you take one, you leave one, so it's self sustaining."

    The library is hosted by the Clemens (6248 Balance Circle), a neighborhood family providing easy access to the donated books, even when the school is closed. So far, reading materials have been donated by area families, the school library and the Pikes Peak Library District. To add your book, please drop them off at Ridgeview Elementary School (6573 Shimmering Creek Drive), leave them in the library (6248 Balance Circle), or complete the Little Free Library book donation survey. The library is sustained by a "take one, leave one" philosophy! We hope you and your family will enjoy our Little Free Library!