Falcon Homeschool Program Overview

  • Falcon Homeschool Overview


    The Falcon Homeschool Program serves students in grades K-12 through two distinct and unique program offerings.

    Program Structure 


    Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program

    Falcon Homeschool Academic Program

    Grades Served

    K – 7th

    6th – 12th


    Social Studies and Science Semester Thematic Units

    Math, Composition/Literature, Themes in Science and Themes in History Curriculum

    (Science and History only for students in 8th – 12th grade)


    Age and Maturity

    Multi-age classrooms:

       K & 1st

       2nd & 3rd

       4th & 5th

       6th – 7th

    Preasssessment Data, Parent Recommendation, Age, and Maturity

    Program Days

    Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

    Tuesday and Thursday


    8:45 am – 3:30 pm

    8:05 am – 3:00 pm


    9433 Vista Del Pico Blvd., 80908 

    6113 Constitution Ave., 80915


    Parent Involvement

    Encouraged and accepted

    Required (frequency depends on student needs)



    A minimum of 3 hours per week



    FHP's Values & Commitments

    Regardless of which program students are involved in, our commitment to investigating and meeting the needs of the community through the following established values will apply:

    • Nurturing and Respectful Environments: we acknowledge and value the many differences that exist within our community and seek to celebrate and support them accordingly.
    • Low student/teacher ratios: we have found that a maximum of 16 students per class is optimal in our setting and will strive to keep our class sizes below this number.
    • First name basis: we prefer to be addressed by our first names as we see ourselves on an equal level as the students that we serve.
    • Multi-age classrooms: we believe in the benefits that multi-age classrooms can offer to individual students, classrooms, teachers and the culture of the entire program.

    Learn more about each of these unique program offerings

FHP Maps & Directions

Our Approach

  • The FHP Approach

    F - Focused on
    H - Higher level thinking through
    P - Play, passion and purpose in a

    R - Responsive classroom that
    E - Engages future
    L - Leaders through
    A - Academically rich,
    T - Tactile
    E - Experiences in a
    S – Student-centered environment