49 Pathways

  • 49 Pathways In 2013, District 49 adopted long-range strategic priorities, built on the foundation of our “Big Rocks.” We chose to focus on 1) reestablishing trust in the district; 2) engaging our community; 3) establishing District 49 as the best place to learn, work and lead; 4) growing a robust portfolio of schools; and 5) launching every student to success.

    As part of our commitment to rock 5, senior leaders began a deep investigation of Colorado’s graduation guidelines. Through state-level events hosted by the Colorado Association of School Executives, the Colorado Association of School Boards and the Colorado Department of Education, our leaders came to believe that the best way to launch every student to success was to amplify the depth and breadth of our Individual Career and Academic Plan implementation.

    It's About Every Student 

    Beginning in 2013, senior leaders initiated 49 Pathways, a rebranded vision for secondary education. At the heart of 49 Pathways is our belief that every student should travel down an individualized pathway that leads through competency and skill development to certain success after high school. The essential promise that inspires 49 Pathways is our commitment to creating excellent Individual Career and Academic Plans for every student.

    Falcon Middle School To make sure we live out our commitment, District 49 formed a dedicated task force—the Pathbuilders—to lead our ICAP enhancement efforts. These leaders are committed to making the ICAP the center of every student’s journey through secondary education. Every aspect of general, special, career and technical education, and non-traditional education are accessible on the path of every individual student. Some students may demonstrate competency of core subjects prior to graduation and concurrent enrollment in college courses may be included on certain paths. The emphasis on creative and critical thinking of International Baccalaureate programs may be included as part of some individualized pathways.

    Students can participate in the Work-based Learning Program to connect with D49 Business Champions and gain real world knowledge and experience in their career pathway! Did you know that select workplace learning experiences qualify for elective class credit and/or can be used to demonstrate mastery in core subjects?

    Every student's strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest are embraced on the individualized pathway. As District 49 leads every student down a unique journey to success after high school, our graduates will demonstrate competency in core subjects and obtain an industry or technical certification prior to leaving our schools.