Program Structure:
    Embedded within the Falcon Homeschool Program are three distinct and unique program offerings. 

    FHP Enrichment

    Grades K-7

    Seeks to provide resources and academically engaging, friendship building opportunities through enriching thematic units in science and history and Arts & STEM

    FHP Bridge

    Grades 6-8

    Seeks to support students in progressing from early to later grades through providing academically engaging and friendship building opportunities through hybrid exposure to concepts related to math and English and enriching thematic units in science and history.

    FHP Academic

    Grades 7-12

    Seeks to blend a spirit of innovation and time-held tradition through hybrid exposure in concepts related to math, English, science, STEM, and history.


    While we are committed to investigating and meeting the needs of the community, we will only do so in a responsible manner in consideration of the values that we initially identified and continue to withhold.  These values include:

    • Nurturing and Respectful Environments: We acknowledge and value the many differences that exist within our community and seek to celebrate and support them accordingly
    • Low student/teacher ratios: We have found small class sizes are optimal in our setting
    • First name basis: We prefer to be addressed by our first names to foster a nurturing and respectful environment
    • Multi-age classrooms: We believe in the benefits that multi-age classrooms can offer to individual students, classrooms, teachers and the culture of the entire program