Campus Director/Principal

Phone: 495-1174


Degrees and Certifications:

Amy Sanchez-Martinez

Curriculum & Instruction

Teacher Leader & Associate Principal Evaluation

 English, ELD, Science, Counseling, Registrar and Technology Department Oversight

Liaison to Central Office and Board of Education

Graduation Guidelines

Staffing Oversight

School Accountability Committee Lead

Building Personell and Operational Budget

CTE Budget Oversight

Assisted by Administrative Secretary

Assistant Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Lance Carroll

Security, Custodial, Individualized Eduation, and Paraprofessional Oversight

Climate & Culture

Incident and Emergency Drills Commander

Oversight of Student Discipline, Attendance, Truancy, ISS, and Restorative Practices

Lead on Assemblies, Renaissance, RTI, Foriegn Exchange Students and Student BOE Representatives

Safe2Tell Dispositions and Follow Up

Staff Handbook and Facilities

Assisted by Dean Secretary and Attendance Secretary

Assistant Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Courtney Harrell

Athletic Director



Degrees and Certifications:

Jared Welch

Performing Arts, Foreign Language, ROTC, Social Studies, PE, and Art Department Oversight

Athletic Training Pathway Develpment

Schedule B and Building Activity Budget Oversight

Clubs, Activities and Event Approval

Coaches and Athletic Program Evaluation

Event Workers and Game Manager Supervision, Schedule and Evaluation

Athletic Schedules and Transportation

Choice Enrollment