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    The three orbits are: scientific problem solving, collaboration and technology The three electrons are students, parents and community The nucleus is the Innovation Institute.

    There is currently a waitlist for the 2020-2021 school year.  (See application on left)


         Innovation Institute is an unique opportunity for your child in the 6th grade.  Innovation Institute utilizes 21st Century technology that offers one to one ratio of Chromebooks and iPads.  This teacher-led program of choice provides small class size with instructional rigor, focusing on scientific and mathematical practices, while integrating real world writing and reading skills. Students will encounter, practice, create and analyze content using Chromebooks and iPads as their curriculum tool. Project Fridays will provide an opportunity for students to bring learning to life and for professionals in the community to come share their time and expertise to generate opportunities for students to create and apply learning to real world solutions. Examples of our projects include an outdoor classroom, solar cars, robots, garden, ecosystems, circuits, coding, LED art, and physics of rollercoasters, trebuchets, and ramps.

    The curriculum is based on and will meet all requirements for sixth grade standards. Students at Innovations Institute will be prepared and challenged to succeed in not only sixth grade, but as they transition on to seventh grade and real world ambitions. Through classroom, team, and project collaboration, students will gain effective problem solving skills and confidence.  Through technology (Chromebooks and iPads), students will develop mastery of skills needed for a successful aspiration to lead them into the fields of medicine, engineering, math, technology, and science. 

    All Enrichment classes, lunch, 6th grade sports, and after school clubs will be offered through Horizon Middle School.   
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