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    2021-2022 School Year Remington Elementary Wellness Story 

    This school year, our health and wellness committee used our wellness funds to purchase new recess equipment for all students to access during lunch recess. We wanted to provide students with more opportunities to be active while at recess. Additionally our health and wellness team decided to implement two additional initiatives that we hope to expand on next school year. This year we provided twelve classroom calming kits starting after Spring Break. A calming kit provides an opportunity for students to regulate their emotions when their feelings get big while in the classroom. A calming corner is a small, designated space located within a classroom with calming strategies. The purpose of a calming corner is to help support self-regulation while keeping students in the classroom if they need time to calm down. Calming corners help students practice identifying their feelings and encourage using healthy coping skills to calm down. Our second health and wellness incentive was to provide 2nd-5th grade students with after school yoga. This class was opened to 20 students twice a week for six weeks. 


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Wellness Policy Overview

  • District 49's wellness policy and supporting guidelines focus on improving the health of students. Anyone interested in serving on the districtwide wellness advisory council should email for additional information.

    A sample of the Curriculum Food Request Form is available here

    Nutrition for classroom parties, celebrations, rewards & fundraisers:

    • All food items must be store-bought with the nutrition information showing that the product is 100 calories or less, 0 grams of trans fat.
    • No candy or sodas are allowed.
    • Birthday celebrations with treats must follow the  Wellness Policy Guidelines.
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables are excluded from calorie and sugar limits.
    • Food prepared in a private home may not be served at school to students because knowledge of ingredients, sanitation, preparation, and temperature of food in storage or transit is not available, nor can quality and sanitation standards be controlled.
    • Fundraiser guidelines may also be found in the Wellness Policy Guidelines.

    Healthy Snack Ideas Under 100 Calories

    Non-Food Celebration Ideas

    Cascadian Farm Kid-Sized Oatmeal Raisin Bar

    Smencils (smell good pencils)

    Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Goldfish 100 Calorie Pack

    Glow Sticks

    Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn 


    6” Banana decorated with Sharpie and/or stickers


    Stretch Island Fruit Leather


    Applesauce on the Go 

    Post its in fun shapes

    Fruit cups in 100% juice

    Play dough

    Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

    Stress balls

    Minute Maid Kids + Minis 100% Juice Box

    Seeds for planting 

    Trader Joe’s Apple + Banana Fruit Bar

    Lead a Dance Break


    Our commitment to physical activity:

    • Physical education is provided in elementary, middle, and high school.
    • Strenuous physical activity is not used (e.g. running laps, pushups) as punishment.
    • Generally, students should not be required to “sit out” any part of recess as punishment unless there is a safety concern.
    • Elementary school students will have a minimum of 30-minutes daily of physical activity. Recess for 1⁄2 day Kindergarten will be determined at those individual buildings. 
      • Physical activity can include recess, physical education classes, fitness breaks, active classroom activities, exercise programs, or active field trips.
  • Remington Elementary School Health and Wellness Story 2018-2019

    This year Remington Elementary school started the school year by implementing Restorative Practice Community Circles.  The purpose of community circles is to help students and staff build relationships and create community.  Community circles are occurring daily in our classes.  To help support this initiative, our school applied and was awarded the CDE Wellness Mini grant to help buy circle topics to support this. 


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