Sand Creek High School Class of 2020 Announcements

  • Hello Senior Families!


    Thank you for your patience as we have had to navigate through the many health and safety guidelines from the CDC and the El Paso County Health Department. However, we are confident at this time that we may begin sharing our projected plans for the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony.


    As you have hopefully heard, the El Paso County Health Department is allowing us to host graduates’ families at Graduation on Friday, June 26th at 9amThere will be an allowance of six family members per graduate. 


    We will have pick up days on Tuesday, June 23rd from 4-6pm and Wednesday, June 24th from 8-10am.  


    • 6 tickets for family members (you will NOT be allowed in without a ticket)
    • Programs (4 per student)
    • Parking Passes


    • Permission Slip for students
    • Parent Self-Assessment Screening form
    • Seating Chart (to help you decide on which side to sit on)

    *Seniors do not need a ticket to attend

    Please read and share the following information with your graduate and any family members planning on attending the graduation ceremony:


    • Students should arrive at staggered times. 
      • 7:15 A-G
      • 7:30 H-M
      • 7:45 N-S
      • 8:00 T-Z. *
        • These times have been moved up from the original schedule that was previously sent out by email.   The new times will ensure that we can start our ceremony on time. 
        • Students should park in Lot C or be dropped off in Lot D and enter through gate E (see map attached). This is the lower parking area of UCHealth Field.  
        • Parents will park in lot B and enter through the main entrance F.  NOTE: We are anticipating letting families in at 7:15; seats are on a first come, first serve basis.  Be sure to sit with household family members only or choose another area to sit in.
        • Family members MUST wear masks into the stadium and anytime you are walking around.  Once seated, you may remove your mask. YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE STADIUM WITHOUT A MASK ON.


    • Students MUST wear a mask to graduation. These will not be provided for students, so students will be responsible for bringing their own.  Students will be required to wear a mask as they enter the check in area and to and from their seats.  Students may remove their mask (if they would like) while seated and do not need to put their mask back on until they are dismissed from the ceremony.  Seats on the field will be spaced with a 6 foot radius all around and students will maintain social distancing at all times.  


    • 2020 Graduation Participation Form: It is MANDATORY that students fill out and sign the 2020 Graduation Participation form. This participation form holds all of the health guidelines and requirements for the ceremony.  The medical survey/screening on the back will need to be completed on the day of the ceremony. Students exhibiting symptoms (temperature check at the gate, or any “yes” on the screening) will be seen by our district nurse to determine if the student can continue on with the ceremony.  The form can be found on at the top of the page or attached to this email.


    • Cap Decorating. Students ARE allowed to decorate their caps but they will be checked upon arrival for any words or images that are not school appropriate (profanity, crude images, nothing drug/alcohol/weapon/gang related).  If the cap is deemed inappropriate, a blank cap will be given for the ceremony at cost to the student. 


    • High Heels. Per UCHealth Park and Vibes personnel, high heels will NOT be allowed.  It has been requested that flats or wedges be worn in lieu of any style with a thin heel. Our event will be held on their grass/dirt  field and they do not want students to sink into the ground as it is a hazard to students as well as damaging to the field.


    • Facilities. Two bathrooms behind the dugout will be available to students and two bathrooms on the concourse will be available to families. Please plan on NOT using these facilities as they must be sanitized frequently and only one person can be in the restroom at a time.


    • Student Parking/Drop Off. Students will be required to display the provided parking pass in their car if driving themselves to the UCHealth Park.  Students should use parking lot C (student parking pass).  Students can also be dropped off in the lower lot as well (student drop off pass). 


    • Parent Parking. Parents should park in parking lot B (parent parking pass). Please let the attendant know if you require handicap parking upon arrival.


    • Graduation Programs. Programs for family members will be available during ticket pick up. Students will receive their own copy of the program at the ceremony on their chair. No programs will be distributed at the ceremony.


    • NO Food/Drink. Students are NOT permitted to bring any type of drink or food into UCHealth Park.  Water WILL be provided for each senior at their chair on the field.  Families are allowed to bring sealed, clear water bottles into the stadium and there will be water available for purchase on the concourse.


    • Family Screening. Families should self-assess using the Parent Self-Assessment Screening form attached to this email. If you have any of those symptoms or a fever on the day of graduation, YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEND


    • Dismissal. Parents will be released by row in order to maintain social distancing throughout UCHealth Park and through the parking lot.  Please be cooperative with staff and listen carefully to instructions; families should go directly to their vehicles and leave the premises as quickly as possible so that we may dismiss the rest of the stadium.  Students will be released in a similar fashion, by row, and will be encouraged to leave the parking lot as quickly as possible.  Please celebrate this momentous occasion at home and not on UCHealth Park property.


    • Diplomas and Transcripts. Diplomas and the students’ copy of their transcripts may be picked up directly following the ceremony at Sand Creek High School.  You may pick up these items on June 26thafter 10am,  even if you do not attend the ceremony.  If you do not want to wait for your diploma at that time, we will mail both items to you with the address found on file in PowerSchool.  DIPLOMAS AND TRANSCRIPTS WILL BE WITHHELD FROM STUDENTS THAT OWE ANY FEES OR BOOKS. NO EXCEPTIONS. The business office will open back up in mid-July, so if you owe any outstanding fees or books, there will be a time on July 21st that you can pay outstanding fees, return items, and receive your diploma and transcript.  Transcripts will NOT be released to any university without a $0 balance.


    • Live-Stream of Graduation. Families that are unable to attend in person will be able to view our ceremony via a Live-Stream put out by the district. This Live-Stream will also be made into a downloadable recording and readily available for everyone in the days following our event.  The link should be posted on the morning of the ceremony.


    We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the information put forth. The rules and regulations outlining our event are set by the CDC and El Paso County Health Department. As mentioned, D49 will be watching closely for updates and will plan accordingly.


    If you have any questions regarding the graduation ceremony, please contact Lauren Stuart at


    Thank you and stay safe,


    SCHS Leadership Team

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