Sand Creek High School Courses

  • This course catalog will assist students and parents in planning their course of study at Sand Creek High School. It will serve to inform both the student and their parents of graduation requirements and the broad range of required and elective courses available. Students must carefully consider the information in this catalog so they can make informed decisions about their academic sequence.

    This course catalog reflects all of the courses and curriculum approved by the School District 49 Board of Education. Although a course is listed in this catalog, whether or not it is actually offered may be influenced by the number of student course requests and the availability of staff. It is important that students make thoughtful course selections during the spring registration period because course offerings and teacher assignments depend on spring registration numbers.

    During the registration process, each student will meet individually with his or her counselor to discuss course selections and scheduling. School counselors are available by appointment throughout the school year for students and parents to discuss topics related to academic planning. Although this catalog presents a thorough description of our classes and programs, there may be additional information that is not in this guide. We encourage students and parents to inquire directly about the details of our offerings.


    Sand Creek High School Course Catalog

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