2016-2017 SCHS Credit Recovery Sessions

  • 1. Choose A Credit Recovery Session

    There is no cost for credit recovery courses taken by Sand Creek High School students during the school year. To successfully complete courses on time and to receive lost credit, students must commit to at least 1-2 hours per day online, as well as retain access to a computer with Internet. All coursework must be completed by the course end date and students must achieve a cumulative grade of at least 59.5 percent to receive lost credit.

    Session I Session II Session III Session IV Session V
    Starts Aug. 15
    Ends Oct. 3
    (49 calendar days)
    Starts Oct. 6
    Ends Nov. 30
    (55 calendar days, including fall and Thanksgiving breaks)
    Starts Dec. 5
    Ends Jan. 31
    (57 calendar days, including Christmas break)
    Starts Feb. 6
    Ends April 2
    (55 calendar days, including spring break)
    Starts April. 3
    Ends May 19
    (46 calendar days, including spring break)
     * Session V: No extensions; students must complete all coursework by May 19 to graduate.
    Extensions require students, and their parents or guardians, to sign a contract. Extension contracts are offered during the school year, but extensions will not be granted and refunds are not offered during the summer program. Students who do not complete all of their coursework with a cumulative grade of at least 60 percent by their course end date must schedule a meeting with the online learning coordinator, or their campus representative.
    For a 2-week extension, a credit recovery extension contract must be returned to the designated area. If, by the new end date, a student has not satisfied all requirements to receive credit, the student is ineligible to complete the course's credit recovery opportunities for the remainder of the school year. The student will need to re-register for credit recovery courses for summer school, when that registration window opens in April 2017, or wait until next school year.

    2. Select The Courses

    Prior to registering, contact your counselor for the correct courses to enroll. 
    Language Arts
     Social Studies
    • English I A; English I B *
    • English II A; English II B *
    • English III A; English III B *
    • English IV A; English IV B *
    * A novel will be required reading. Novels are housed in Schoology credit recovery resources. Course requires the writing of numerous essays and other papers.
    • American Government *
    • American History A; American History B
    • Economics *
    • Geography A; Geography B
    • World History A; World History B
    One semester course only
    • Algebra I A; Algebra I B
    • Algebra II A; Algebra II B
    • Geometry A; Geometry B
    • Biology A; Biology B
    • Earth Science A; Earth Science B
    • Physical Science A; Physical Science B

    • Health *
    • Physical Education *
    • Spanish I A; Spanish I B
    * One semester course only
    A = 1st Semester
    B = 2nd Semester

    3. Pay The Costs (Summer Program Only)

    During the summer program, please remember that students will be dropped from their course if payment is not made in time. Our credit recovery summer program costs $100 per semester course. District 49 families may submit an online payment a Payforit.net. Out-of-district students, or those families that prefer not to pay online, will need to pay for their courses on the first day of summer school, Monday, June 1. Payment may be made in the form of cash, money order or a cashier’s check. If a cashier’s check or money order is used for payment, please make it out to "D49 Online Summer School." Please remember that personal checks will not be accepted.

    We can accept payment for only one credit recovery course at a time. When a student successfully completes a course, and if it is determined there are enough days remaining in summer school to complete another course, the student can be enrolled in an additional course. Payment will be collected at school or accepted through Payforit.net.
Jim Bonavita
Online Learning Coordinator
Office: 719.491.4033